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  1. Update... Hi all, Sorry we've not posted a reply until now - been away for a few days. We are closed through the day until further notice but open for the evenings when there are gigs listed. (This will be updated today on our my space page - MySpace.com - THE MUSIC CLUB - LANGSTANE PLACE, ABERDEEN, UK - Acoustic / Jazz / Roots Music - www.myspace.com/themusicclubaberdeen) We are working hard to resolve various issues and looking at new plans for the undeveloped parts of the building and how we want to operate the venue long term. Thanks for the positive comments in the meantime. Will post again soon with updates. Joe I'm on 01224 676000 - already spoke to another of the band members to pick up your gear, no panic!
  2. Hi the building was previously derelict for at least 10 years and no idea what it was used for before that?! We are a private, independent company. Cheers Gordon
  3. Hi Yeah that's us! Rubbish weekend - we couldn't open because our roller shutter came of it's runner and collapsed and has been stuck past couple of days and we couldn't gain other access to the building until today. Sorry about that but we are hoping to have the problem fixed today and I'll post back and let you know. Cheers Gordon
  4. Thanks - yeah it will take a while to get over the new look and feel!. So many ideas and things to do but thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated.
  5. Hey Ol, It's a cafe / bar, live music venue. You can hire the venue as Graeme from imp said and we are also encouraging informal jam sessions. We are busy programming events and hope to have more to offer each week. We will be introducing workshops and group music activities asap and are keen and excited to meet new people from the Aberdeen scene, so drop by and have a look. We have live jazz this Friday with Kate Gieben & Colin Black and an Open mic night staring next Tuesday hosted by local musician Neish (Eric Euan). I posted a now open message which is on the aberdeen-music home page - very clear for all to see! Maybe our marketing has been slack up until now however, we have spent a lot of time and money building the venue and it's very easy to criticise!! Introducing a new venue to Aberdeen can only be a positive thing and we are working hard to develop the business so please bear with us as we tackle a huge to-do list! I am new to using aberdeen-music and my first impressions are that the general vibe of this forum is pretty negative and I would like to see it being a whole lot more open minded and friendly.....if you want to pro-actively encourage local musicians / bands and music businesses to use the site and network effectively it would certainly help to lighten up. ( And I know it's purpose is to let people express their opinions and debate etc....so no need for narky replies thanks Why don't you all drop by and introduce yourself - and if you want to play or promote a gig let me know or just sit in for a coffee or a beer?! Website is being developed just now and will have more detailed info soon. Cheers for now, Gordon The Music Club
  6. Next to Bruce Millers back door, opposite Dusk bar Cheers
  7. Also if aberdeen-music would be interested putting big posters up in The Music Club we have lots of wall space - let me know. I also have a few close contacts with printers etc if you need posters run off?! Cheers gordon@themusicclub.co.uk
  8. Hey guys Sorry for the lack of info on The Music Club opening!! Website is being developed and should be ready in the next couple of weeks. It's been a pretty crazy year building the venue which has been very hands on for us - working from 8am til midnight literally every day..... We are finally on the networking / marketing trail and would love to see you guys drop by and see us. Anyone interested doing a gig or promoting events give me a shout. Well done here at aberdeen-music and we appreciate your patience and interest of course! gordon@themusicclub.co.uk Thanks
  9. Hi The Music Club in Langstane Place is now open from 10am til late Monday to Saturday. Come and check out the latest venue in Aberdeen city centre. Live music, food, drink, informal sessions, workshops and room hire. We are looking for musicians and bands to play - all styles welcome. Contact reception@themusicclub.co.uk or drop by for a chat with your demo if you have one. Join our mailing list at The Music Club Hope to see you soon. Thanks, The Music Club.
  10. I can help you with that no problem. Variety of options for some of the best ceilidh bands in Scotland! Email me: gordon@themusicclub.co.uk Thanks.
  11. I'm new to the forum thing so I could have said this in the last reply! nevermind. The venue is initially going to be for acoustic performances only. We would welcome any local artists/bands to contact us if they are interested playing an acoustic set - at any time of day, or starting an informal session in the cafe, evening jam? Your own event? All types of music please. We are hoping to launch in September/October this year, although this is dependant on how well the fit-out work goes! In the meantime register your details and interest at The Music Club - coming soon in 2007 to Aberdeen or drop us an e-mail, info@themusicclub.co.uk Thanks again.
  12. We're definitely aiming our services at all ages, although the after school club does suggest a younger crowd for us. It's only for a couple of hours a day and at other times there will be lots of youth and adult activities on offer. Thanks for your interest.
  13. Coming soon in 2007 to Aberdeen City Centre is 'The Music Club'. Due to open in Langstane place, this venue / facility will be a welcome addition to a thriving and exciting music scene in Aberdeen. Offering a meeting place, cafe / bar venue, workshops, come & try sessions, group activities, tuition, after school club, corporate hospitality and more...The Music Club aims to widen the marketplace making music more accessible for anyone who desires it. All ages, all types of music. A fantastic central hub for creativity, fun and socialising. Visit the official website to register your details and interest. Thanks. The Music Club - coming soon in 2007 to Aberdeen
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