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How would you deal with this?


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Ok, you beat Stripey.

Nah, reason Im asking (I have good neighbours btw). Is there a justification for violence in the home? i.e. catching the Mrs in bed with someone else. I had a conversation recently about this and he reckoned that the above example would be justify a slap. I disagree. Thoughts?

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Yeah. I would only ever strike out at someone if i had been struck first or felt overly threatened. It wouldn't matter which sex they were though, if some mad bint comes running at me with a knife i'm going to snap her arm off and beat her to death with it regardless.

As a whole i don't agree with violence but there are extenuating circumstances that would provoke a violent response from me.

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I'd like to think if it was fun that maybe the screams would have a slightly different tone... but to be fair I probably wouldn't be able to tell from my flat. Good point actually.

Follow this easy to use chart:

Are the screams for 'help'? -> Phone police

Are the screams for 'harder'? -> Phone the Daily Mail

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I once phoned an ambulance in Fraserburgh at 2 in the morning cos I saw a guy slumped in the back seat of his car in a car park I was driving past. around that time there was the big heroin problem and an extra strong batch had hit the streets, addicts were turning up dead literally every day. Moments later an ambulance and two police cars appeared, sirens blazing.

He was getting a blow job.

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