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Fast Caz

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I have just started getting back into my anime and since i know alot of you are heavily into it i was wondering if you could recommend me some films.

I have started with Urotsukidoji (Legend of the overfiend and the womb)

Ninja Scroll



I like them to be really in your face and just blatantly disturbed. :up:

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Gotta love Vampire Hunter D.

Also agree that Crying Freeman rocked. (Except avoid the live action version its piss).

Guyver was cool when it started then the animation started getting dodgy as hell. Never actually bought the last few as it got so poor it pissed me off.

The live action Guyver has some of the worst acting ever but thats why i like it.

I havent watched any for a while and now i feel the need.

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judging by your direction so far i would personally reccomend that you see the following

md geist 2, adventure duo, cyber city oedo, geno cyber, wicked city, monster city, devilman, guyver (lol), amon apocolypse of devilman, 3x3 eyes and vampire hunter d, violence jack and vampire hunter d bloodlust(which were previously mentioned)

if you like rape, gore, demons and lots of cool fights then check out the shiyt in that list

bootleg dvds on e bay may be cheap but the translation is awful so id reccomend getting most of the classics on vhs

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is a high recommendation. Just as good (if not better) then the first one.

In the pointless funny violence department, you should pick up Sword for Truth if it is going for a fiver or less. The story ends on a really stupid note, as if there will be a sequel but there isn't actually one. Perhaps it was intended to have one though.

Gunsmith Cats isn't too bad aswell, but it's not really violent. It's more of an anime 70s cop tv series with a cool theme tune.

Just avoid shit like Patalabor and you should do fine. Oh yeah, and check out X, A.D. Police, Shadow Skill, Black Magic M-66 and the old Appleseed (both are by Masamune Shirow)

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