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Guest Bob

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What's more wrong:

A single guy sleeping with a girl in a relationship, or a guy already in a relationship sleeping around?

Yes, I know that in ideal world neither thing would happen, but just say for chance either of these things were to happen, who would you judge more harshly?

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Both are morally objectionable' date=' but the sad truth is that it wouldn't be the guy that was judged at all. In the eyes of his "peers", he would be lauded in both cases. The girl would bear the brunt of most of the criticism.


I thought that was a dated idea. Most people I know would criticise both people.

It's quite obvious that the guy sleeping around is more immoral as it is implying that he doesn't have feelings for any of girls he is sleeping with where as although the guy is cheating with the girl there is a possibility that there is some deep feelings there.

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I assume you mean which of the guys should be judged more harshly, in which case I say the single guy who sleeps with the girl in a relationship, because he's the one that's messing up a relationship that has nothing to do with him. At least the other guys messing up his own relationship.

Either way, if my girlfriend was involved I'd be Al Caponing him.

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how patriarchal.

If I found my partner cheating' date=' I'd be fucked off with her, and be glad to know that I'd found out, get shot of her, and move on.[/quote']

But there are a lot of weak minded little girlies out there who are desperate to prove themself to all the wrong people...there is also something called alchohol

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Guest tv tanned

there's something unfortunate about people who have never been in a specific situation rushing to apply broad-brush condemnation.

equally, i have never understood the mentality of the man who starts a fight with a guy who hits on his girlfriend in a club.

Most of the time the guy is probably unaware that the girl is attached.

I also find the idea of someone, who lists a band called Knife Rape and a band named after a missing grandfather from Ellon in his list of bands, calling someone else a pathetic twat richly ironic.

But then I am not privvy to the "obvious" underlying theme of this thread.

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shouldn't all parties involved be to blame?

the single guy sleeping with an attached girl.. both of them should know to stop it becuase neither of them have the right to sleep with each other.

the attached guy sleeping around (who WILL get caught) with a load of girls, he's probably (not always) bragging to his conquests that he has a girlfriend but 'he'll make an exception for you, because you're so pretty and i want in your panties' therefore the girls and the boy should know that its morally wrong.

but if someone is cheating, they should be respectful enough to come clean, and tell the truth and feel the consequences.

i bellieve if an 'affair' becomes very emotional and inter-linked (i.e love), then the other partner in the relationship shouldnt stand in the lovers way, because you never know when you are going to find your life-long partner. does that make sense?

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