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  1. I've been in merchant city probably about 5-6 times with a car and still it saved me quite a lot by shopping there. It's hard to force yourself to buy something in a local shop for bigger price knowing that you can get a better thing for the same money or the one you're interested for less somewhere else especially if you don't have much. Even worse when it comes to selling a used instrument, why would someone want to pay the same price for a used instrument when they can get a new one ... for grown people probably these few extra hundreds doesn't make big difference but for me as a kid it does.. I didn't like when one of the owners in RnB (i think) started slagging off Yngwie after i asked him if they've got yngwies signature strings By the way, what's the name of the new amps in RnB ? Kinda cream colour and starts with a R (-:
  2. Don't people practice throwing guitars and flipping 'em before stage?
  3. No one was talking about shite myspace page, there's a little chance of people buying a album from a band that heard only few times, and downloading it for free isn't that hard and you won't have to pay money obviously.. so there's a opportunity to get known a bit better than be focused on money straight from the beginning... P.S. Most of the bands in myspace are bad - ....
  4. spread it through internet - your website, any others, friends,youtube .anything you'll come up with loads of people do that with their first album nowadays
  5. I can remember buying a iron maiden album online - damn not gonna do that ever again. Quality isn't great and asks you a password for all the songs - a waste of time unless u rip it or whatever
  6. I started straight from AC/DC, Kiss and Judas Priest... when i was 9 years old, never liked nirvana.
  7. Better quality on CD's too, even if you download 320kB/s mp3's I appreciate that, thanks:popcorn:
  8. it affects the tone when youre playing with overdrive and its noticeable. Different story with clean channel
  9. great list of bands far beyond the sun!!!! :up:
  10. If you want to boost the signal to overdrive the amp ant lower volume, just turn the LEVEL knob to max (10/10) and leave the tone and drive at 0 so it will stay the same almost.. . You can do that with almost any pedal, most common are probably Boss DS1 or SD1, Dod 250(or YJMmodel) obviously and many more. If you do not want to add even a little more drive to your solo, then there's no other way than just buying a volume pedal. Which would still have some influence on the drive. (if you have valve amp)
  11. sounds great and heavier than ds1, didnt like the mega distortion somehow..
  12. Machine heads might be the problem or even nut ... although it's not a expensive it should still stay in tune for longer than 1 minute... Try locking the tremolo, or just add few extra springs. When you bend a string it shifts down the tremolo little bit so that could cause getting it out of tune and by locking it you could probably avoid that happening. If I'm not right , please correct me...
  13. LFS S3 :]] GTA is always a good thing to play, never disappointed it since GTA1
  14. woop woop new strings!!! And i thought it was friday today o_O Good prices on hard cases - I wish it was like this everyday:popcorn:
  15. well yeah :-) I don't use much distortion so I don't have too much trouble handling the feedback. ''hitting the strings harder has less effect'' it has effect if it is a valve amp. You can get a clean sound and distorted depending how much power you put in hitting strings. Boss DS-1 would be a great pedal - and you can take it anywhere with you! It's good for boosting valve amps too
  16. Maybe he doesn't use overdrive at all. It is easier to hear all your mistakes on a clean channel. What is a good idea to learn how to play cleanly before turning on overdrive - that's my opinion.
  17. Anyone? Come on it's a good sim :-)
  18. Good thinking :-) First Doom would work without a doubt!
  19. :o Old pc's are cool. I hate that you can't play old games properly on newer ones or they look like are speeded up few times(for ex. 1st UNREAL Tournament,GTA1 or London). I can remember when you had to use DOS it was fun
  20. They're ok you can still crank em up above 5 in a flat ... so it's not too bad... depends on neighbors. I think those valve juniors got like one volume knob or smth..? Can't remember exactly.... It would be a bit better having equalizer and even a second channel ;/ Or you'd have to buy a booster or a dist. pedal for it.
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