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  1. Read carefully, I said before, 'you can get a good guitar tone only through a valve amp' then I replied to his post 'You WILL GET a BETTER(good) TONE through a valve amp) Can't see any lies
  2. kustom darts; ibanez; laney dcm's, lx's,line backer; line 6 spider; marshall mg and avt's;fender fm marshall jcm2000, fender blues junior, few fender deluxe models, laney lc15 vc15 and vc30, gh100 that was enough for me to make up my mind, cant think of any more that ive tried 'dial a good tone' , you'll get a better one with valve amp
  3. Haven't played any gigs (and I don't see what you're trying to get with that) , use your ears and hear the differences, shame if you can't even though you gigged a lot
  4. I'm not a snob. When I buy things i prefer to get the best of what I pay. And buying a solid state would be the opposite
  5. Thanks stripey! Didn't knew about the possibility of turning them off! Cool, saves so much space and makes easier to read
  6. Hey! Just curious if anyone from you plays http://hattrick.org ? It's a football team management game. From all the games I've seen I would say this one is the most interesting. Thought I haven't played for 2 years probably it would be fun to take care of it again.
  7. Dzl,since when you started to call solid state's 'good amps' , you can get a good guitar tone only through a valve amp :-)
  8. Doobie, well i could modify it, but don't have the money to have a little fun with it! Haven't noticed the old thread, because it goes as far as two pages only :/ 65 quid would be good too.... Not using anymore now for about 10 months anyway ;D Tried scot ads few times didn't worked out. Jan Deal, your plan sounds quite nice. But I'll try my luck again :-)
  9. Hey, yep, same one, it's still for sale until someone will own it ... if anyone is interested I can send you some pics Really good condition, three single coil pickups, sunburst, maple neck and maple fingerboard. Squier Affinity Stratocaster (GAK)
  10. What a beauty, that's the one with nylon strings or not?
  11. :_) Right, then I didn't liked it :-)) I found most of the songs in that album quite boring Highway to hell and back in black are the best albums =]
  12. He's a great vocalist but the first album weren't that great anyway, just few songs. AC/DC was the main influence on me, started to listen to them at age of 9 :-) Shame about Bon Scott though Back In Black with Brian is quite good, I like the others in 80's too
  13. :-) You become amazing with experience, listen to AC/DC first album, it's not that good, but who doesn't know them nowadays
  14. But they're actually good, better than any death metal shit. Rock - That's the music. And the singer sings quite well in records, same with the others
  15. straight from stv http://wm.stv.tv/120607estrella.wmv ,or just go there, just uploaded it YouTube - Estrella
  16. You can always do a charity )...
  17. Oh well, i might do that then, though I hate coming back when the product isn't good.
  18. I wasn't interested in the KFC, so i didn't knew about what Diesel was talking, when, some guy showed me it on the google map and I regonized it, because I've been there few times. As far as I remember i never saw adapters there or just missed them so will you piss off eventually
  19. It will get closed before i get there, anyway I'll go to it on weekend again, been there quite few times but haven't actually noticed any adapters :S
  20. Hey, Could I get your contacts? or anything like that, my friend is about to sell his epiphone sg, so i could pass it to him if he's interested Just gave him a call, said it's in excellent condition
  21. Well it depends, will i find there the same one ? :-)
  22. That's the problem and its for pedal. I had about 3 or 4 different adapters that i picked up in electronic orientated stores, and they weren't good, most of them had that background noise. And the home hub adapter is perfect. :-)
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