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  1. Seeing as it's Christmas Eve I might aswell say Merry Christmas to all in here. Just wondering what people think of this (MySpace.com - The Electric Claws - UK - Electro / Funk / Healing & EasyListening - www.myspace.com/theelectricclaws ). There's a pretty big gap between those two songs, i know. And the RO in the first song stands for rip off but it's just a starting point at the moment. I just fancied a change. Anyhoo. Give it a listen and drop me a message on myspace or on here to let me know what you think. Cheers.
  2. I've got one of them at home. Looks really similar. Unless my parents are getting rid of it seeing as i'm in Glasgow now. They better not be getting rid of it
  3. I did. And it was as far as the sound goes. It sounds really good. I just didn't want to crank it up in the shop. After all this hassle though, i just decided to try it as a boost when I was playing on Friday night. And it worked better than I thought it would. I think i'll be able to get the Keeley back anyway as my friends shredmaster seems to have made a recovery. As far as using the volume knob on my guitar, it's not very practical and it doesn't sound very good. I use it to clean up the sound at points...but that's all. I'm just trying to avoid getting a really overdriven (metal etc.) sound. It's more of a country/blues distortion that I use - http://www.myspace.com/theriotroom.
  4. Hmm. Well currently i've got the following. Line 6 III Flextone 75 Watt. '72 Telecaster Lite Ash Telecaster I've got a boss pedal board and at the moment all i'm using is: Tuning Pedal -> Boss Distortion (DS1 i think - orange anyway) -> Turbo Tube Screamer I've usually got my amp on a clean sound and the Distortion pedal does what it says on the tin. I use both sounds in a gig. I only got the tube screamer today. It sounded pretty good when i had it and the distortion pedal on at the same time. It'd be good sound for solos, it just doesn't boost the sound. So if i could just put on the screamer and whatever volume pedal i end up with when i need to solo. It feels like i'm making a big deal out of this when all i want is more volume. I just don't know what pedal to get. Both the MXR and Seymour Duncan look like they add more gain...which is not what i'm looking for. I'm just needing to boost the signal i already have adding as little gain as possible. I feel like i'm being retarded not knowing what to do. Am I?
  5. Yeah. Someone suggested an EQ pedal to me. But i've never really used one so i'm just wondering if the Volume level on the pedal would be enough to boost it over everyone else in the band. I was originally looking for a stomp box style volume pedal. I'm a bit nervous about the Wah styled volume pedals (i dunno the proper name for them) because surely i'd have to start with it set on a mid point for my regular sound and then once i've stepped on it for the solo, i won't be able to get it backto the original point which'll make the levels messed up. Maybe i'm reading too much into that. As for the MXR Micro Amp. I've heard good things to. And was looking for a demo/video style review online but can't seem to find one.
  6. Hi all. I'm looking for a volume boost pedal. I got a Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer today, and although it sounds absolutely amazing in my setup, it doesn't really boost the sound. It's basically something for solos that i'm looking at. I'm not really interested in adding more gain or tone (although i know a volume pedal will no doubt end up doing that anyway). It's just something that'll boost what i already have. I used a Keeley Katana for a while and it was exactly what I was needing but it wasn't mine and i've had to return it. I've been looking at the Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster and i'm wandering if it does pretty much the same thing. Anyone had any experiences with it? I should also add that i haven't got another Katana because i have store credit in R&B that i'd like to use (and they don't seem to have a Katana) and i'm also looking for something to use tomorow (Friday) night. They've got the Seymour Duncan in there though (at least, i think I saw it today) but i'd rather not see how much it can boost in-store 'cause I prefer only being noisy if everyone else is doing it to. Likewise, if anyone's got any other volume boost pedals they can suggest, i'm all ears.
  7. Looking for a cheap/free electric guitar if anyone's giving anything away. I don't care how it sounds/looks/plays as long as it makes a noise. If anyone knows of anything gimme a shout.
  8. I just bought a Line 6 Flextone III today. It's pretty nice. Dunno if I prefer it to my WEM that I go a while back but seeing as it's broken this'll do the job nicely for a while. Got a Boss RC20-XL aswell. Which was stupid. Probably should've gone for a Headrush. Dunno if R&B would be willing to take it back after a couple of days on the grounds of...I don't like it. It's in perfect condition. Box and everything. Any suggestions?
  9. I might be interested in the mics. Ill check them out in a bit more detail when i get home as im currently at work...not working.
  10. Hiya. Can anybody give me a location for Exile Studios? Recording there tomorow and have been to lazy to figure out what the scoop is. Anything that'll help it show up in Google Maps will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hiya. Just wondering what people thought of our new logo/myspace layout. Too orange? I dunno. Let me know what your thoughts are anyway. Same goes for the tracks (although i don't think they'll be too orange). www.myspace.com/theriotroom Ta very much!
  12. This still available? I was looking at one in R&B the other day 'cause i really want one.
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