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Coolest member of Atom except for Rass, Mac, Len, Erskine or Joe?

Dan G

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Originally posted by Rach_69:

dumbass :rolleyes:

happy new year etc to you too Dan, i saw you last weekend looking rather lost in Virgin hehe.

and the joke wasnt that appauling, i actually found it quite funny (oh god, what is my world coming to?!?!?)

Haha...yeah. I still get a bit confused in Virgin as they have moved the metal section again so I always end up walking about the store until I remember it's way up the back!

There's no decent new Cd's out the moment... So I bought a Kreator DVD from One Up. METAL!

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Days Forgiven In August

by Dan Atom

I love the pretty flowers,

They smell so nice and lovely,

I love the little animals,

They make my heart all bubbly.

I love my floppy woppy fringe,

And scarf and cardy too,

I love to picnic in the park,

And write a poem just for you.

But most of all I love to love,

The love I give away,

Cos I'm a faggy emo geek,

And I'm so fucking gay.

Haha! Awesome!!

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Originally posted by New Found Power:

Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden - January 12th.


And it's pretty good.

Although terribly cheesy in places...

And Ripper's vocals aren't quite in the league as Matt Barlow's...

But still good.

Nicely split up as well, with the "main" album on one disk, and the 32 minute (!) 3-song Gettysburg epic on t'other.


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