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  1. That's us equal top with 177 votes, lets keep em comming folks, cheers!
  2. http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31613
  3. Best Live Act votes here... http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31241
  4. Fudge Awards are approaching get your votes in now for "The most Metal of Metal" category now! http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31399
  5. Dude I will be busting my balls to be there!
  6. Tko is running fine but I have a Laney dp 300 head that is apparently a bit fucked. I have been lead to believe it's the transistors that are playing up. Da ken really min but that's the case the noo. U up for Christmas Spoon Dog?
  7. Anyone reccomend a good place to get transistor amps fixed that won't want to rape me for the pleasure?
  8. http://www.ehowa.com/showmovie.shtml?movie=wizardofwinter.wmv
  9. I tell thee it's a good job we tell each other about gigs before we tell the fans... Discuss.
  10. Powerslave, Hallowed and Sign of the Cross are immense. I too also love the Clansman however the crap timing change on the album version near the beginning is a total downer combined with the production on the whole album really. I have no idea why they didn't notice it at the time. The live version of Afraid to Shoot Strangers with Blaze is mint... [starts to realise this list could go on and on...] Paschendale and Blood Brothers are more recent ones I love.
  11. Just don't mention the buckaroo at the post gig party. It was massive! Can't wait to gig with you guys again. T'was an awesome night, shame Dan missed out. Rock on! Off to do my CBT in the morn wish me luck!
  12. www.douglaspayne.plus.com/moorings Big ups to all those crazy mofos who were there. You all made my night.
  13. Hey guys just a thought for you all... I work as part of Warrior Paintball which has a site 6 miles out of town just past ardoe house. We run a whole day for 28.20 per person for 20 or more and 34.50 for less than 20 with lunch inc. tea, coffee, soup, rolls, crisps, chocolate, pies and juice and 50 paintballs to start the day. To buy more paintballs costs 5 for 50 and 45 for 500. For booking call 01674 850 900.
  14. Muchos cheers to everyone involved from conception, through the gig, to the aftermath. Big up especially to Ross, Jimmy, the bands and the nutters in the pit! An awsome evening had by all it would appear! See you at the next one... Anyone interested?
  15. Guess who's gonna be seeing the boys in action? That's right not you! It's gonna be great! Iron Maiden with support from Dream Theatre in the Parc de Princes what a gig. See y'all on the 3rd!
  16. Cheers guys I'm awa tae get trashed. I hope you all go and do the same. Party and rock on but mostly both.
  17. Finally I'm home... What do you mean you didn't notice I'd gone? Well I had a great time anyway and look a bit like a panda again. Although not as much as in previous years. Did I miss anything??? I think I'll just crawl under my stone again...
  18. You are right though... That was cheap!
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