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  1. Not the coolest guy on the planet but he is awesome.
  2. Three days before i leave for download..hmm..fuck it, i have to go!!
  3. I can't wait, the line up is fucking awesome! My mate's band got into the final three for the snickers unsigned competition, fuck yes
  4. Well... i got asked to. And since i ain't doing anything else, i agreed.
  5. My first year voting! Not sure who to vote for yet. Have to hand out leaflets for Conservative X-(
  6. Sounds good to me. Three days will be awesome. 105 ain't that much money, i reckon it's worth it. I can't wait. People are so moany these days!
  7. I had never heard of Diamond Head before, was a bit bored during their set but thought they weren't bad. Megadeth fucking ruled So glad i went
  8. sounds fucking ace. my boyfriend wants to hear you's so i'll be dragging him along
  9. Just one. Depends how much you are willing to pay for it.
  10. ..but i can't see a reply button for replying to PM's. Is it just a case of clicking on 'new message'? I'm just thinking it'd be much quicker with a reply button..
  11. For the Glasgow Secc gig on October 3rd. Can't go due to starting new job. PM me if interested.
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