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  1. I've only heard a few songs, which are good I really wanna hear 'Red War' with Max Cavalera!
  2. Soulfly - Flyhigh is the only one i can think of right now
  3. I dunno whether to go or not. Aren't Audioslave playing?
  4. Rock_Princess


    I can't think right now but Freak On A Leash by KoRn is cool!
  5. Pantera : Official Live : 101 Proof
  6. I don't think even a fake moustache would make me look 18! Grr i am so annoyed!
  7. That's happening with mine too. Don't think it's anything to worry about though.
  8. Wow, thats late. Where did you order it from? Mine came ages ago! It's gonna be the best gig EVER Although my mate Steve said that one of the Atom boys said that it was only gonna last for an hour and a half or something? ?(
  9. Still doesn't work but if i log in through the galleries then it's fine so i'll just do it that way. Thanks anyway
  10. I was panicking a bit because up until a few days ago i had no transport and i thought i would of had to get the train which i couldn't afford .. But, my friend asked his friend if i could catch a lift down and back up with him and he said yep I can't wait!!
  11. I logged in through this post, it wont let me log in on the main page!
  12. I enter my username and password and it says thanks for logging in but when i go to reply to a post or look at my profile it says that i am not logged in. I use AOL 8.0 and have Broadband.
  13. I know their playing at Drummond's on the 9th of December. Look at the calendar.
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