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  1. Not the coolest guy on the planet but he is awesome.
  2. Three days before i leave for download..hmm..fuck it, i have to go!!
  3. I can't wait, the line up is fucking awesome! My mate's band got into the final three for the snickers unsigned competition, fuck yes
  4. Well... i got asked to. And since i ain't doing anything else, i agreed.
  5. My first year voting! Not sure who to vote for yet. Have to hand out leaflets for Conservative X-(
  6. Sounds good to me. Three days will be awesome. 105 ain't that much money, i reckon it's worth it. I can't wait. People are so moany these days!
  7. I had never heard of Diamond Head before, was a bit bored during their set but thought they weren't bad. Megadeth fucking ruled So glad i went
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