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  1. Don't let the crowd own you. Own the crowd baby! Oooooooowwww yee-ha!
  2. Very good. I'll be expecting a delightfull chilled beverage then. Probably guinness, and then we shall create the finest drum n' bass music* to ever have graced Dr Drakes. *maybe. I shall be along then
  3. ESP is sweet. As for BC riches I love my IronBird bass.
  4. Is there an open mic night on tuesday the fifteenth? If so is there any amps etc there? Or just how do these things usually work?
  5. Curious indeed. I actually believe it's more a question of people becoming more curious. I mean as far as bi-sexuals go i see no reason why people can't experiment, and the fact that the world is more open to it than ever is in people of the persuasions favour at this point. However i think to be "gay" is very much a from the heart thing as opposed to a "fad" thing. Many people say it only really occured to them the first time they were intimiate with a person of the opposite gender and found it completely unappealing and this leads me to believe it is in ingrown, as opposed to a conditioned (learned through social pressure) response. Further reasons make me believe that it is a legitimate lifestyle but however still holds ethical questions. For example many psychologists believe they can "cure" homosexuals, and if this is the case, it would seem to be a conditioned state of mind.......? Contradictions really don't help me get to any specific conclusion. Anyway i think it's generally more common because of a more sexually aware and open environment. xxxxx
  6. It's amazing how a few of you know Story Of The year are totally not like that. In-fucking-credible. I couldn't blame them for starting it if they had to put up with "Godsmacks" insult to anyone who's ever listened to music.
  7. Homeless man appears shouts "F'CKIN' LOON YE'R A F'CKIN' PENGWIN! YER A' FLAP 'N NAE FLY".
  8. Me and David once wrote an anthem of a song about pirates. We created Pirate Rock so don't you forget that when it becomes bigger than emo.
  9. No seriously i think 16 at the earliest. That's when i started drinking as a regular thing anyway.
  10. 12/13!?!?!?!?!? That's kinda sad.
  11. Buy it. Deadenstereo and stigma always put on a show and have a bucketfull of good tunes.
  12. Vocals - Maynard James Keenan. Vocals - Charlie from busted. Guitar - Richie Sambora. Guitar - Niel Diamond (also backing vocals). Guitar - Kirk Hammet. Bass - Les Claypool (lead bass). Bass - Steve Harris. Drums - Danny Carey. Decks/Mixing - Chicane. Mc - Dj Format. Best band ever. Aberdeen band Vocals - Joe Atom Sax - Graham Melvin Guitar - David Lovie Keyboards/ messing around - Stu milne Bass - Stewart ross Drums - Daniel Sim
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