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  1. Report on the 'government of the living dead' over at the BBC "No matter how many of the zombies you kill, and no matter how gory their end, they just keep on coming. And take your eye off them for a moment and they eat you alive. A lesson for all of us perhaps. " And around 6 months after that.... (That last one kind of makes a nonsense of my whole-avoid-myspace-cos-it's-Fox thing....you'll understand when you see it)
  2. So, does that mean that Fudge have the same birthday as Sandy?
  3. Oh bugger. I hope this is not establishing itself as a family trend. I don't want to have to start wearing Fred Perry and braces again....
  4. My personal favourite George Clinton pic Bugger, I can't find it, must be at work. However, this; is kind of close, and much better than this:
  5. Missing apostrophe There's an apostrophe missing before the 's'. And a spelling mistake in the last part. http://www.douglaspayne.plus.com/moorings/photos/moorings%20047.jpg.
  6. Yeah, the Dutch folk used to fall over themselves taking photos of the book neuk sign in Stoney. Moederneuker...
  7. Hellbastard! Right now I am listening to Hellbastard, Heading for more Darkness. Cheesiest Hellbastard there is. Goes with my scabby old Geordie grin...
  8. a genre without one label... The Unbroken Circle goes with Wyrd Folk a lot of the time, while The Psychedelic Folk Homestead goes with (obviously) psychedelic folk, acid folk and progressive folk. The Unbroken Circle has links to The Kitchen Cynics' home page as well...
  9. monkey tower G in a beret and fish with a quiff, also a guest from FeSTR...
  10. and now i'm like looking at the trees and they're saying to tell him happy birthday but the sky says that the trees are all from dundee near the do-long bridge and now they're all ganging up and i'm going no, dude, the trees are wrong, never trust a tree but can you trust the sky?
  11. Well fine. Nice Zappa medley they wrote in the car up.
  12. I have to go with Mac on this one, although it is nice to see a lad speaking up for his old man. Apart from the guitar issue, there's also the advantage of not having to be at stoney folk festival. The combination of neds, fairmers, and mearns hippies in stoney is no fun.
  13. Mac atom has already posted about this gig over at the all music forum. Even if you aren't usually into bluesy stuff, if you're a guitarist this isn't a gig you want to miss. From Paul's site: 'The Globe' 13 North Silver St., Aberdeen Thursday, 30th June 2005, 9pm Phone: 01224 624258 And this is the link to the allmusic thread. The Globe hasn't charged entrance when I've been in the past. I'm told it's also Paul's birthday so it should be a jape.
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