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bullshit-free abysmalist fundraiser thread


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hello, apologies for the injoke-infested last thread, i sware i had nothing to do with it, it was not intended.

so, here is a new one, joke-free. though i'm all for jibes about art rock and that stuff, feel free, baby.

this gig is to raise funds for an abymalist compilation, just to push the bands involved and we can get our music to a wider audience. sometimes i think it comes across as some sort of elite club, but really we are just friends trying to share our resources so we have the opportunity to play and record.

so, the details again...

masamune (intensely melodic, whilst brashly dynamic high-flying four piece)

hookers green no.1 (experimental pop sextet with guitar, drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and sax)

politik (soulful motown fuzz)

sandy galloway (electric tibet frontman, until now presumed deceased, though i've been told he's been saving lives, literally)

'mad' al massive (masamune frontman, i've no idea what he has up his sleeve)

plus giles walker - perhaps the best dj in aberdeen, doing what he does best

smith soundsystem - detroit house and techno are his specialities, he'll make you dance, even if you can't

3 on the door, free if you can slip in round the side?

all proceeds go towards the expensive production of cds.

i think that's all. much appreciated x

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That would be Hines' fault.... imagine destroying a thread... rubbish.

But really... the abymalists are not rubbish... they are.... but not musically... just as people/pongo monsters.

Go on... you can get crisps behind the bar too!

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You appear to have omitted the Where and the When

yes that probably would've helped!

though it did say in the previous thread. you need to work hard to get results with my posts...

so yep, dr drakes, wednesday 22nd december. i think giles is going to remix one of our songs, but i doubt in time for the gig. pah!

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Well at least you won't have some crazy drunken fuckbag screaming abuse at you. :up:

I dunno... I've experienced some pissed fuckbags shouting abuse at me at Masamuen gigs... what could you be suggesting?

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