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female fronted aberdeen bands?


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Guest tv tanned
Well' date=' Saz played the Moorings bar but they came up from Dundee.

Doesn't AKA The Fox have a female vocalist / guitarist?


Saz are still on the go?

Aceness, I remember seeing them on Channel 6 ages ago...

Sing like an angel...

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Guest Zeenat Aman
hi im new to aberdeen. What are the best places to see bands?.. Also could you tell me if there are many female fronted aberdeen bands if any? Something similar to Pj harvey' date=' Mazzy star or babes in toyland? Thankyou


Hmm Ollie, was this an attempt to get people to talk about Cuts?


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the videos have a girl front person' date=' more shouty Poly Styrene/Le Tigre than PJ harv tho

lucy out of the cuts sounds a bit PJ meets Patti Smith if thats wot your after[/quote']

In a fight between Shaz and Poly Styrene my money would be on Sharon.

She has fairy lights. And doesn't have a mind like... a plastic bag. ;)

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Where was that first tune recorded? It's meaty. The song itself is quite cool' date=' strong vocals and a good hook - but the drumming needs tightened up a bit and the lyrics are awful. Still - I'd go see ya's play ;)[/quote']

All the tracks were recorded in exile by mark. What kinda keyboard player you looking for by the way? Know alot of girls who play including myself and i'm sure i could help you find someone.


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I have't been around in a long long while. Did you guys in the Real Shocks change your name and when are coming to Austin again?

howdy mofo, hows it with you and Austin?

yup we gone done changed our name to The Videos or TV abbreviated and re-wrote the set........its the same kinda shit but way more exaggerated/direct (think Peaches meets Pistols with random german synthesisers)

defo going back to the states but not sure when yet, a bit of planning and hard sell to do first to convince someone to pay our flights!....next years SXSW could be a possibility depending how good/bad our deboot album turns out to be

pm me your address and ill send you a CD of some demo-ed nu stuff :D

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