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Ab-mus memories


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Seeing as this site’s seemingly on its arse and about to die out any minute, thought it’d be nice to have one last (potentially) half-decent attempt at a thread.

This site has been a staple for me for years. Check it maybe once a day still. It’s nice to have a place online to interact with folks with some common ground, without having to see pics of their kids and holidays like on fb.

so, what are some of your favourite moments over the years? What was the site’s heyday? Which members do you miss?

ill wade in with some of mine if anyone else joins in.

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The summer of $hutt£r$p££d was cruel but excellent. I went to that gig at the Tunnels. 

The infamous "For fans of Tool" thread where someone suggested a band called "The End" and it caused a flame war which led to Rune being permabanned, and climaxed with my favourite post of all time: (from memory because I can't find it) 

"I've written a story with both band names in it. 

You are a tool. 

The end."

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50 minutes ago, Soda Jerk said:

Shutterspeed was a great time had by all. 

And the recurring reference to the ultimate gritty cop thriller Loose Cannon was a particular highlight. 

I do not recall this. (although I haven't seen it so I may have missed it) 

In a similar vein the constant references to The Thong Song were pleasing. 

Oh and thread tags. Nefarious Cock. 

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2 hours ago, James Broonbreed said:

I seem to remember Stripey being a bit of a cockend...

Cool thinker was definitely a strange kettle of fish.

Moon-moon (what was his original handle?) was always good for a laugh until some SJW would wade in and tell us off.

Other than that, it's been 8+ years of pure misery.



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6 hours ago, Lemonade said:


"I've written a story with both band names in it. 

You are a tool. 

The end."

That’s gold!

some highlights off the top of my head:

- me : ‘the universe is actually shaped like a donut’

teabags : ‘so technically you could fuck it?’


- noid roid was a good poster.


- tags (‘I’m kind of a big Jan Deal’)


- kernel loaf popping up with an obscure reference just when you thought a thread was about to die


- moon moon/cool thinker were the beginning of the ‘banter years’. Not in a fun way.


- early John W


- who was the ICT fan that posted a lot?


- That photoshopped thumbs up pre-meme meme (can’t remember the story)


- the girl who started the TV thread wading in for about 2 months with quality content and decent chat then disappearing without a trace. 

-telecaster Sam and his questionable politics 


at some point I lost track of who’s who. Folk changed names all of a sudden. 

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14 hours ago, Lemonade said:

I do not recall this. (although I haven't seen it so I may have missed it) 

I don't think Loose Cannon had a thread, but seemed to be referenced in a few threads. It was a hashed together Ab-Mus joint screenplay, possibly starring Martin Lawrence in some early 90s undercover cop throwback. Danny Glover was usually mentioned, and Robert DoQui. Come to think of it, it might have actually been a little bit racist.

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Jake Wifebeater was always a laugh. DJ Jo-D was good. Tam O'Shantie although i seem to recall arguing with him a lot. Waltz. Stephen Dedalus. Lester Burnham. 

"You know a thread is ruined when Rainbow Slutface starts posting in it." 

The picture of the emo girl in the galleries that everyone used to spaff over (I think she was someone's sister) 

That time some wee scrote from like Portlethen made the EE because he'd moved to LA to record an album (in his uncles studio) and everyone took the piss then his mum joined the forum to defend him. 

Milners impassioned defence of some girl band from Bridge of Don who were on Britain's Got Talent. 

When that SIDCA guy got banned then kept making new accounts just to log in and call me a racist (I'm still not clear on why). 

Neubeatz rage quitting and accusing everyone of picking on him because he was disabled, when nobody knew he was disabled. 

"Stop using these boards to try and get laid."

YoungA buying and selling gear every 30 seconds. The poker chip. 

The Deadpool game. 

The football threads. 

I love this website. 

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All the times at a gig someone asked me to ban Cloud

The MMW years of Ben Weapon arguing with everyone about everything

The people's court

Dave's multi-quoting politics thread nightmares sucking the fun out of the very fabric of the earth

So many great bands and music over the years

All the bands who have started from threads on the forums, all the people who have received and offered genuinely helpful feedback.

Getting Ab-Music blocked from my and Neil's former place of work because I was on it so much.

Nefarious Cock

Fudge awards vote whoring and aftermaths

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