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As sophomoric as some of the reporting of this whole thing has been, it has brought back into light the whole Bullingdon boys club thing and will hopefully get people angry again about being controlled by a closed-network of millionaire back-scratchers.


I've read a few good articles today about the situation - which is a nice reminder that not everything has to be sleazy and tabloidy.



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I was thinking about linking the Foreign Policy article, too. (most of the discussion about this seems to be going on in the Corbyn thread; and I don't have a large enough bargepole to hand.)


I don't really get the aggression towards Cameron (sheer funny-internet-pic-shadenfreude aside) or the bullingdon club. The former must've been a grotesque sight to behold (and that's about it) and the latter a set of asshats when they were students, no new revelation there; it just looks to me like a billionaire (another few zeros) trying to wreck the career of an elected politician, via Daily Mail-decades-old-sex-and-drugs pish (yeah a pig, I dunno, why couldn't he have just sacrificed a goat or shot some heroin into his cock) because he didn't get the side-gig he wanted. Even from a cynical politics standpoint I don't see why anyone would want Cameron replaced with any other Tory.

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