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Biggest Rock Music Crushes


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Which girls are boys in rawk music do people fancy? I like the normal ones: Cat Power, Leslie Feist and I have a long standing infatuation with Kelly from Johnny Foreigner. These all seem like fairly obvious inclusions though...

What are other people's?

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This thread is useless without (work safe) pictures. :down:

Happy to provide! May not be to any peoples taste though....

Does this extend to metal bands too? Most of these were/are in metal bands.

Alissa White-Gluz. This picture was used to promote The Agonist's first album. I wonder why...


Loses trOO points for this though. What a sellout :p .

Grace Perry, vocalist of Landmine Marathon. I suspect she wins points from Teabags for the



- Laura Nichol. Now plays guitar in a punk band that were here very recently supporting No Trigger.


Doris Yeh of Cthonic


Anissa/Alexia Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill. Amusingly they are quite hard to pick out in band photos because almost all the members of their band have the same haircut.


Sabine Weniger of Deadlock


Eva Spence of Rolo Tomassi.


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