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Punk: US vs UK


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The only thing that would stop me voting US is the new hardcore bands coming from the UK. Some amazing stuff here. But, if we're thinking about back in the day, I vote US.

Most of those new UK hardcore bands take their cues from the American Punk/Hardcore bands and have little in common with the UK punk "sound". I prefer the US style regardless of where the band are actually from. There are no UK sounding punk bands that i actually like.

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Definitely America.

I probably agree, but the UK still has had great punk rock bands, past and present:




Leatherface. Without this lot, the likes of Jawbreaker or Hot Water Music probably wouldn't have existed. The fact that a bunch of of hugely unsuccessful scruffy, grumpy buggers from Sunderland had such a huge effect on US melodic punk is pretty incredible.

Mega City Four

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I voted But, what is punk?

But actually the UK wins just for The Clash.

Agreed. UK wins. America had the NY Dolls and The Ramones but Britain had The Clash so they win on points. Don't have any knowledge or interest in the 'earnest, sweaty men in black t-shirts shouting about who's done the most press-ups' school of Punk. It's supposed to be louche and sneering. I don't believe in the whole 'Punks just doing whatever you want maaan', it's not. It's The Clash doing this...


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