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Barberos, Stig Noise Soundsystem & support @ Tunnels, 18th June


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I'll let forum member ca_gere describe Barberos for you, because I think this is excellently put and sums them up very well.

Barberos are two drummers, a synth player and a laptop man/player/controller (i'm not certain about what he was doing). They are quite simply brilliant. Heavily percussion-driven synth-noise (which you could probably deduce on your own from the line-up) I can't remember ever seeing a drumming performance as good as this. Time signatures, styles, rhythms... they were all over the place yet perfectly in sync. All accompanied by various meaty synth melodies.

In addition to that, it's not very often that you come away from a gig commending the live visuals in particular but they were also spot on. Clearly well thought out and worked on as much as the music rather than a throwaway feature.

It's hard to convey the Barberos live experience in a brief review because a large part of it is the 'what the fuck is going on' feeling that rushes over you. What they do is completely mad and experimental. But what comes across strongest is the fact that they are amazingly talented musicians with an in-depth understanding of how different genres can be brought together. This, I feel, is unique. Either you get experimental or you get technical ability, rarely both.

Even the soundman looked impressed, Barberos were that good. Their set ended and everyone, all 20 of us, in the place clapped and whooped once when they finished and then again when they left the stage a few moments later. It was a spontaneous double applause born from a collective feeling that we'd just seen something special.

Quite frankly, a seriously, seriously fantastic band. One that needs to be seen live to be fully appreciated, as cliched as that is.



They can describe themselves:

Stig Noise MMX- aka Stig, Stig Noise Sound System, Stig Of The Dump - has been an active creative musical outlet since around 1998. Managing to exist without plan or delusions of success other than to not to knowingly follow in the footsteps of majority, either musically or commercially.

Our self recorded output ( a select handful of independent labels) and immense live shows ( 100s and 100's in over 13 countries) is an ongoing analysis of hooks and motivational noise ... generally obsessing over something noisy, joyful and genuine.

plus support TBC





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support comes from


Min Diesel on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

They're in it for the fives. Mindie-rock along the lines of Stapleton, Mission of Burma, Sebadoh and etc etc etc etc


something like this...

Spectral Fairground on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

or something like this...

Wundin Pran on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

or perhaps both? Either way expect loops, glitches, screams and other unknown aspects to this performance.


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how many members were there in Stig Noise when you saw them?

cannot wait for this.

As it's an early finish at 10.30, Spectral Fairground will be on at 7.30; not to be missed!


does anyone want to do the door?

you will of course be paid/have free entry to the gig. PM me if this sounds good.

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