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Woman sells virginity


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I have a problem believing that Christy EVER got laid, Nice Guy Adam his bro got a the looks and tasty chicks

Biz, dear boy, I seem to recall you spaffing yersel over my (then) wifeburd at every Edgar Prais gig you ever attended. Sumpin about Lauren Laverne and being durty, if I recall correctly. You musta wanked yersel ragged over her.

Aaa the memories. Not of Biz wanking, though. Shudder.

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Just buy a fourth year schoolgirl a bottle of Breezer and save 23,998 imo.

Easy game.

Good luck trying to find a girl who's still a virgin by fourth year.

i guess it's just not as useful as that thread stating that it had been snowing.

I wanted to give you rep for having The Peeper as your avatar, but it won't let me. Bah.

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