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  1. Hi Folks, We played at Drummond's on Friday and, when we loaded into the venue in Glasgow on Sunday, it became apparent that my cymbal bag had disappeared. Unfortunately nobody in the band can be certain that they were with our equipment as we loaded out from Drummond's on Saturday afternoon. They are definitely not anywhere in the venue. The police have been called, and hopefully CCTV scrutiny will yield something. If anybody encounters a STAGG cymbal bag with any/all of the following contents, please get in touch with me: *14" Sabian AAX Hi hats *18" Sabian AAX Crash Cymbal *20" Sabian AAX Ride Cymbal *Black LP Tambourine (which was a present and has a lot of sentimental - and monetary - value *Meinl stick bag with assorted gubbins Thanks
  2. I was in there on opening day on Saturday and it's great. Jamie and Willie were working and seemed genuinely touched by the amount of people dropping in to say hi and wish them good luck. The guitar selection is already first rate.
  3. Jon from Curators in Los Cardos burrito joint on Leith Walk in Embra last night...does he still use this site?
  4. I've got some free 2-week trials for Drag The Bar if anybody wants one. You can see coaching videos from Leatherass, Jeremy Menard, BeachJustice, GiantBuddha, Jared Tendler and many more top names in the online poker world. Plus me. O, and there are some coaching videos for you live poker players too. PM me if you want one.
  5. Another season, another year of referees being intimidated into favouring the Old Firm. Yawn.
  6. Just when I thought it was impossible for Joey Barton to come over as an even bigger bell-end, he tweets this Sitting eating sushi in the city, incredibly chilled out reading Nietzsche. #stereotypicalfootballer Fud.
  7. Simple as this: last season we were absolutely terrible and could well have been relegated. We needed people to be step up and Hartley's presence in the midfield stopped us being run over in certain important games. He was our third most important player last season, behind Bebo and Vernon. If you don't see how important Hartley was, just look at how we performed without him. Besides a pumping of Killie (which was great!) we sorely missed his influence. His red card for retalitation was bad. No excuses. I'm not saying that he was without fault, but Jesus, there were tons more responsible for our struggles than Hartley. He was a good signing, all things considered.
  8. I do. And all my students do.
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