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  1. We should all vote for the Icelandic Volcano party. Its done more to stop immigration in the last 5 days than Labour has done in the last 10 years. Conservative Party: 51% Liberal Democrats: 45% Labour Party: 43% Scottish Green Party: 39%
  2. Call cunard, theres a sailing from tSouthampton on the 20h or 21stt and possibly takes 5 days 0845 071 0300 or...if you take proof of your forthcoming marriage you might be able to boat hop for small fees from aberdeen - norway - usa...quite romantic too
  3. People are treating this like a disaster, the same thing happened when Mt ST Helens erupted
  4. What's the difference between Poland and my pencil case? My pencil case has a ruler
  5. So polands president died BBC News - Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash, they the perfect man to replace him with Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. This is why we setup one email address for personal things like mum, dad, family and close friends and then we set up another email address for things like this which automatically forwards all mail to your personal account. In your personal account use a filter so that it sends all the junk emails to a folder seperate to your ijnbox then you need never login to your junkmail account again. Gmail makes this easy mypersonal@what.com foir mum and dad, this has a folder in it named 'junkie' or something similar and all email coming from junkmy@what.com gets sent to it junkmy@what.com - all mails to here are forwaded straight to mypersonal@what.com
  7. In the last two minutes the group seems to have dissipated
  8. Huntly street, the diagonal road from union street which lies between starbucks and the new sainsbury express heading up to the gala casino
  9. All moved in, keyboard and vhs tapes are gone, mags gone, still everything else, any offers accepted otherwise its goin to the charities on thursday
  10. All the videos plus a vhs player, freeview box, dvd player and 28" tv for 40
  11. Sorry, no dishwasher, Microwave, desltop oven, desktop hob, steamer, glasses, tankards branded ones
  12. sorry dude, the thing has no needle that i can see but are they retractable? i know nothin about record players, theres a silver thing that seems to turn on the end of the boom
  13. i did but i just sold them all to my mate for a purple
  14. Back issues of FHM, Maxim and MensHealth going back as far as 1996, about 100 mags
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