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  1. I'll be taking a nosey when I get paid next week. Am el skinto just now. Let's hope it lasts a while - that site on Argyle St is usually the kiss of death - its had six or seven different pubs in the last ten years.
  2. Weirdly topical this - I just walked across the SECC car park on the way to work this morning and the queue was already forming for this year's auditions. So it begins again...
  3. +1. I like the Roses a lot and got a few of Broon's solo stuff. Performing live is not one of the man's gifts though.
  4. My first band used to rehearse in Newburgh hall. And I think my first gig was in Pitmedden hall. There you go.
  5. Nice. some of the new album is pretty good. Return to form of sorts.
  6. Not truly Weegie as the singer came from Ellon.
  7. Spot on. Codex and the last song really doing it for me. And I don't consider myself that big a fan of Radiohead.
  8. filthy. We'll agree to disagree on what defines a network - I'm looking from the broader perspective, so that includes friendship networks and the like. So I don't really buy into your compartmentalising friends/collaberators etc. away from that. But then thats the cynical old sociologist in me.
  9. Sounds pretty much like a network to me. Definitely. With hunners of people clambering behind you wanting a chomp on the teat.Hence most bands just get ignored.
  10. I was approaching this more in terms of bands that manage themselves. What's your band if you don't mind me asking? You seem to have your support network pretty sorted, which as we all know is the first rule of getting anywhere with anything. Not sure if I was one of your network I'd be mad keen on being accused of falseness though.
  11. And even being in the Central Belt doesn't make building a fan base any easier - you may find it hard to comprehend just how awash it is with bands down here, all chasing the same thing. If you really want to get somewhere, it's really about networking and cultivating relationships with the people that matter, however unpalatable that sounds. None of the bands that have come out of Scotland in the last decade I can think of got anywhere without doing that. Possibly Twilight Sad, but pretty sure there's a back story there too.
  12. Yes, that's about right. Still, if you don't stick your name down, you'll never know I suppose.
  13. OK, no joy down here. Found the phone and its charger but evidently I chucked out the lead.
  14. Adam, you still looking for this? Think I still have mine.
  15. Carnival of Light...not their finest moment. Black Nite Crash off Tarantula was grand though and I'd go as far as to venture that that was his last great song. Oasis were already rotten before he joined - Be Here Now and SOTSOG were pretty ropey.
  16. 3/10. I never realised so many Sheen quotes would sound like something Gaddafi would come out with.
  17. Top Twenty short scale bass that looked more like a Fender Jazzmaster than any sort of known bass copy. Bridge design was so bad it actually broke strings if you played them too hard. Met its end one night whilst living in the high rise flats next to the golf links - I threw it out the window.
  18. Me too and it is reasonably decent.
  19. I quite liked his slow robot dance in episode 2.
  20. That's a different argument and one I don't agree with either - she's still a musician, its whether she's a "drummer" that's the question. If she was a talented instrumentalist who chose minimalism, then fine. She could still be a great drummer. But she's not. She's quite literally someone that walked off the street and hits a few bits and pieces. That's not a drummer. My mum could do that and she's not a drummer. It kind of does a dis-service to drummers to say she does. There's nothing remotely avant-garde about what she does. Anyway, said my bit. Off to pub. Hope the White Stripes aren't fucking playing on the juke box though Karma probably dictates they will.
  21. Plinth and your own perceptions make you think that most basic of definitions - an ability to boil an egg doesn't make you a cook, does it? You plank.
  22. Its not contentious at all, drum solos are, by and large, rubbish. Much like Meg White. And the White Stripes actually. As for whether she qualifies as a drummer is down to individual interpretation - Plinth thinks she is, I think she isn't. Meh. I wouldn't call a learner driver a driver, so why would I call a learner drummer a drummer.
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