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imp/voco: Withered Hand + Debutant @ Peacock Visual Arts, 28th January


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interesting music promotions and vocoustics present

NO MORE SOUNDCHECKS - an evening of unplugged performances featuring WITHERED HAND + DEBUTANT

Thursday 28th January 2010

Peacock Visual Arts

21 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ. Phone 01224 639539

Doors 8pm

Entry 5





WITHERED HAND is the musical project of Edinburgh-based visual artist Dan Willson.

Withered Hand have made three records. Their Religious Songs EP was recorded at home by Neil Pennycook (Meursault) and released through SL Records and Bear Scotland in 2008. Youre Not Alone is a solo EP, recorded by King Creosote and released through Fence Records and SL in spring 2009. Good News is the bands first album it was funded by the Scottish Arts Council and mixed by cult American producer Kramer (Low / Galaxie 500 / Daniel Johnston), and was released by SL Records on September 14th 2009.

Withered Hand have been privileged to play alongside many incredible artists, including Jeffrey Lewis, Calvin Johnson, Little Wings and Malcolm Middleton. They have twice played Fence Records magnificent Homegame Festival, played at both the last ever Triptych Festival and the inaugural Tennents Mutual, and during the Edinburgh Festival this year performed on The Edge and at all-day DIY extravaganza Retreat.

In 2009, Withered Hand have recorded two radio sessions: with Marc Riley, on BBC 6Music, and with Vic Galloway, on BBC Radio Scotland.

Praise for Good News:

"It is quite some time since a debut release has placed 10 such perfect songs back to back." (The Herald, 5/5)

"Willson's sing-a-long afflictions and satirical narratives are marvellous. 'Lord won't you listen to me, your unfaithful servant's filthy fucking language, he importunes on 'Love in the Time of Ecstasy', a sonorous 'so-what' to the hereafter." (The List, 4/5)





DEBUTANT is the solo project of Phillip Quirie, formerly of Kartta in Aberdeen and now of Meursault in Edinburgh.

Normally, Debutant creates simple, but perfectly constructed, dreamy pop songs augmented by a build-up of shimmering atmospheres utilising an electric guitar and a load of pedals. As this is an unplugged gig, Phillip will be taking a more acoustic approach to his songs. He thinks it will be fun. We think it will be interesting. Perfect.

"Debutant's music ignores genres altogether, sounding something like what would happen if Mark Kozelek and Kevin Shields had an afternoon, a spare room and a multitude of ideas. Definitely worth checking out live." (isthismusic?)

"Debutants blend of post-rock ambience with breathless lyrics was beautiful. Solitude called into mind Ulrich Schnauss and Brian Eno, flowing like little rivulets of darkness." (Narc Magazine)


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In case you missed it on the poster, this gig will be in line with the I Love UTG campaign.

If you want to sign the petition, which has over 4,000 names, go here >> Save the new Contemporary Art Centre in Union Terrace Gardens Petition

It should be said this will be an excellent opportunity to hear some great music

BUT also sign the petition which is very very important.

Its amazing the positive response to saving a vital city centre green space resource

as valuabled and loved by the people on Aberdeen.

Much more coming...all good :up::up:

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Scotsman review of Good News

Album review: Withered Hand - The Scotsman

The Scotsman: Good News review (****)

Fiona Shepherd, 14/09/09

IF YOU didnt know that Withered Hand was an Edinburgh-based troubadour, you might fancy that Dan Willson hails from the Catskill Mountains or Laurel Canyon, so exquisitely mournful is his take on country music. He displays all the tremulous vocal vulnerability of Neil Young in a set of brittle songs which are full of spiritual yearning, questioning and contentment, inspired by his Christian upbringing. While most of Good News sounds like it was conceived on a front porch or round a campfire, it also encompasses the hectic lo-fi indie strumming of New Dawn, the rockier strains of Joy and the bittersweet charm of Religious Songs (my hairs getting too long for this congregation). Worth sharing.

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In case you missed it on the poster, this gig will be in line with the I Love UTG campaign.

If you want to sign the petition, which has over 4,000 names, go here >> Save the new Contemporary Art Centre in Union Terrace Gardens Petition

Its now over 4500 & gathering between 80 & 100 signatories every day

go check out the link on the petition to find how passionate people are

about saving Union Terrace Gardens from Woods Folly

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Some more stuff to read, courtesy of The Scotsman

Under the Radar: So who will be the next Scottish Mercury winner?

The Scotsmans Under The Radar blog: So who will be the next Scottish Mercury winner?

Lisa-Marie Ferla, 09/09/09

Okay, Ill admit it: on first listen, the odds look steep. Scratchy vocals which could at best be described as eccentric, lo-fi production; lyrics which reference loneliness, depression, religious guilt and masturbation Withered Hand is hardly a mass-market proposition.

A listen to debut album Good News however reveals an accomplished singer-songwriter in his Sunday best, face washed and long hair tucked behind ears. Its just as clever, just as raw but laced with moments of sublime singalong harmony which couldnt help but raise a smile in the grumpiest of judging panels.

Every one of these lists needs a singer-songwriter, and youd be hard placed to find a better one in Scotland than Dan Willson. Antony and the Johnsons strangled frog vocals took the Mercury crown, Badly Drawn Boy strummed and hummed his way to the prize if there was any justice, Withered Hand should too.

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Ok, so this event is brought to you in conjunction with the I Heart UTG campaign.

Many of you will be aware that the public consultation has now begun into the future of Union Terrace Gardens.

We are all very disappointed that this massive consultation is ONLY about the scheme for a City Square and will NOT be consulting the people of Aberdeen on their views on Peacock's scheme for a new contemporary arts centre which has full planning permission and over 75% of its funding in place.

Sir Ian's favoured scheme involves the complete destruction of the Gardens. It will cost 140 million+ of which 70 million+ must come from the public purse. It will involve the felling of 80 mature trees.

Peacock's scheme by award-winning architects would regenerate the Gardens and welcome over 200,000 visitors per year at a fraction of the cost to the public purse and the environment.

If you'd like to compare the two options please visit >> http://www.comparethesquare.com

At the show you can also check out the What If? exhibition by the architects responsible for the new comtemporary arts centre design, exploring new compromise ideas and solutions for Union Terrace Gardens and the Denburn Valley.


You can also sign a physical copy of the petition, pick up flyers and leaflets, speak to Peacock staff and get information on how to support Peacock and the integrity of the gardens during the public consultation.

What YOU can do to help in the meantime...

If you support the Gardens and the Arts Centre please visit the following and say 'NO' to the City Square on the questionnaire



0800 111 4881







Text message

Text 60777 followed by the word square

Sign the petition


Write to your local councillors, MPs and MSPs


Any profit generated from this gig will be donated to Peacock Visual Arts, as a contribution towards ongoing promotional costs.


imp / vocoustics

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Theres an awesome video on WH's website, shot at the Fence Records Halloween party. It doesn't show WH, but he soundtracks the vid. Brilliant song.

Very cool.


And while I'm at it, have this Herald review >>

The Herald: Good News review (*****)

Alan Morrison, 05/09/09

Edinburgh songwriter Dan Willson lives in the shadow of Neil Young or maybe in the shadow of a Neil Young clone who might get trashed on tonic wine (I Am Nothing) before straying into Frightened Rabbits lyrical territory to work religious references into forthright love songs set in a secular world. Musically, to pick another by no means overstated comparison, Willson is a one-man Fleet Foxes with a voice that, one moment, sounds on the brink of collapse; the next, is filled with humour, emotion and self-knowledge. It is quite some time since a debut release has placed 10 such perfect songs back to back. Yes, the influences are obvious, but this is the album Neil Young wishes he could still make.

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Really enjoyed last night and I thought the no soundchecks format was fantastic. It was great to hear Debutant's songs more stripped down so the lyrics were the focal point rather than the layered guitars.

Withered Hand was excellent, very entertaining with some great little comedy moments throughout the set.

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Thanks for the kind words folks. It was a total success all-round I think.

Two brilliant, really brilliant, performances.

Some heart warming on-stage banter.

Some serious points made about UTG.

Much more people than we anticipated.

Loads of awareness raised for Peacock's plan (and alternatives)

Total respect for the artists from a perfectly silent audience.

Bit of money raised for Peacock.


These unplugged shows are fast becoming my favourite type of gig we do. Everyone is kind-of forced to listen. Which is great.


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