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Gallows plus support Sharks and Trash Talk, November 29th @ Warehouse

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Sunday 29th November


+ Sharks

+ Trash Talk

Tickets 12, Doors 7.30pm.

Following the release of critically-acclaimed second album Grey Britain, UK hardcore outfit Gallows hit the road this November having spent the summer causing a stir on the Warped Tour. Known for their frenetic, chaotic live shows, this is a must see.

Over 14s only. Under 16s with adult.

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I absolutely hated Trash Talk. Musically they occasionally reached something I thought was decent but it never lasted and it was mostly just a fucking mindless racket which I generally don't enjoy. The singer was an objectionable character to say the least. I wouldn't say anyone that enjoyed it was wrong......but I would screw up my face behind their back or at least pull a joey.

Gallows were pretty good.

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TRASH TALK were excellent, it was like seeing the Dead Kennedys in 1980 something, they played brilliantly and I'd easily pay a tenner to see them

Ehh!!, no it wasnt like the Dead Kennedys, they were chaotic but firmly focused on being tight and having a sorted political message,

Trash Talk were more in line with GG Allan, pure narco pesh!!

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