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  1. Sorry about that, yeh its loaded with vintage 30s and if u give me an email adress ill email photos across asap
  2. Bump, needing a quickish sale due to moving soon Make me an offer
  3. Almost Brand new, used once. Bought it to commute on but never actually used it. Its a great bike and comes with a spare back wheel that can be used fixed or freewheel. Absolute mint condition rrp £500 will sell for £400
  4. its loaded with celestions, think there vintage 30s but id have to open it up and check
  5. ot a morley classic wah in mint condition for £30
  6. got four bmx stunt pegs unused in my shed dont know what brand they are, £5
  7. Got an old but very good conditionfender cab for sale, the speakers are only abput 2 years old and hardly used. The constuction of the cab is a conventional straight cab but the baffle is angled verticaly so sound travels wider. Great sounding cab £200
  8. Ive got two of the sideways multi guitar rack stands lying about I dont need any more. Both are in good condition altho current alittle dusty. One holds 5 guitars and the other holds 7 £15 each
  9. Sorry not looking for a trade, trying to build up some cash to buy a new bike, looking for somewhere around £550
  10. Got a morley classic wah going for £30 if ur interested
  11. Iv got a ekeys usb midi keyboatd lying about u can hav for.£15
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