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  1. Sorry about that, yeh its loaded with vintage 30s and if u give me an email adress ill email photos across asap
  2. Bump, needing a quickish sale due to moving soon Make me an offer
  3. Almost Brand new, used once. Bought it to commute on but never actually used it. Its a great bike and comes with a spare back wheel that can be used fixed or freewheel. Absolute mint condition rrp £500 will sell for £400
  4. its loaded with celestions, think there vintage 30s but id have to open it up and check
  5. ot a morley classic wah in mint condition for £30
  6. got four bmx stunt pegs unused in my shed dont know what brand they are, £5
  7. Got an old but very good conditionfender cab for sale, the speakers are only abput 2 years old and hardly used. The constuction of the cab is a conventional straight cab but the baffle is angled verticaly so sound travels wider. Great sounding cab £200
  8. Ive got two of the sideways multi guitar rack stands lying about I dont need any more. Both are in good condition altho current alittle dusty. One holds 5 guitars and the other holds 7 £15 each
  9. Sorry not looking for a trade, trying to build up some cash to buy a new bike, looking for somewhere around £550
  10. Got a morley classic wah going for £30 if ur interested
  11. Iv got a ekeys usb midi keyboatd lying about u can hav for.£15
  12. Looking to sell my les paul. Its an american made studio from back when gibson cared about their wholerange instead of outsoursing to japan or korea. Its black and in good condition,.playes like a dream and has a lovely thick sound Comes in a hard case Open to sensible offers
  13. So ove managed to sell my tank and im now faced with the task of gettin rid of the last remaining fish before next Friday Got various zebra danios and neon tetras aswell as a red tailed shark anda plec If u or anyone u know can help that would be grand, Cheers
  14. next week should be fine, im on nightshift so it would have to be before 9p.m, ill pm u my number so we can sort something out
  15. Im afraid im working monday night, could do tuesday or wednesday night?
  16. Yeh the cab is still here, im free thursday before 8 all day friday or saturday before 6, let me no if any of these daus suit u?
  17. sorry about the wait had to double check whick way round the valves were. Its got 4 Harma EL84 stds and 2 svetlana EL34s
  18. bump, everything apart from the mixer is still available so make me an offer also got a boss TU-2 in great condition with the box - £50
  19. Yeh I could do 375, will hav to double check which valves are in it tho, will let u no in the next day
  20. Still for sale. Now January is out of the way, any offers?
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