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Eurovision 2009

Sue Denim..

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Well done Norway :)

I have recently bought a Norway flag, hat, football shirt, inflatable whale and Thor hammer... all bought for the Norway v. Scotland game in August (to disguise myself in the home end if we don't get away end tickets).

Might just bust them out tonight ;)

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Pity they barred Dita from wearing the costume she had on at the rehersals, that was interesting indeed! As for the Norway act, thought it was pretty dull though I did like the Estonia one, that was well done. I thought Britain was horrendous, rubbish song and some terrible Leona Lewis sub par clone warbling. Most of all the other acts were big established bands/singers in their home countries and sometimes right across europe but we always enter some half assed competition winner and wonder why we do bollocks (regardless of the politics).

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