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Europe's convicted killers free and murdering in Scotland.

Peter Dow

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Murdered in Brechin, body dumped in Arbroath by order of HM The Queen


Just a usual day in Scotland with Queen Elizabeth as head of state. After murdering a woman in Brechin, a previously convicted killer and his accomplice are wheeling most of her body around Arbroath looking for somewhere to dump the remains.

This murder in Brechin proves that all Scots are at risk from the UK state's open door policy to Europe's convicted killers.

BBC: Jolanta murderer had killed before

The man convicted of murdering Jolanta Bledaite had killed before, it has emerged.

Vitas Plytnykas was convicted of manslaughter in Germany in 2001 after an argument over money turned violent.

He also caused fear among the migrant community in Angus after moving to Scotland.

Plytnykas is now facing life in a Scottish prison after being convicted of murdering fellow Lithuanian Jolanta.

His co-accused Aleksandras Skirda had earlier admitted torturing, robbing and killing the 35-year-old before attempting to dispose of her body.

Jolanta was a quiet, shy woman who had been working hard in the area to raise money for her family back home in Lithuania.

Plytnykas is believed to have served in the Russian army in Lithuania.

In June 2001 he was convicted of manslaughter in Germany and sentenced to seven years and six months in prison. He was deported to Lithuania in January 2005.

Plytnykas came to Scotland with his partner and young child between 18 months and two years before he killed Ms Bledaite.

He came to the attention of police in Angus after committing some low-level thefts.

Once again the Queen and her United Kingdom state have caused the death of an innocent person in Scotland.

It is perverse that the UK state is allowing convicted killers from other countries such as Vitas Plytnykas in to Scotland to roam around looking for the next person they intend to kill.

Foreign killers should not be made welcome here in Scotland. So why are they being allowed to come here to kill again?

Considering convicted killers from other countries, even if those other countries decide to release those killers from their jails that doesn't and shouldn't mean that we in Scotland should be expected to allow them into this country.

Instead, when they turn up in Scotland and are identified as being a convicted killer they should be arrested and held until they can be deported back to their country of origin.

As soon as Plytnykas had come to the attention of the Scottish police he should have been shipped back to Lithuania.

However, the UK state, in co-operation I suppose with the European Union, is giving even convicted killers the right and freedom to come to Scotland - and is putting all Scots and our other welcome visitors and migrant workers at risk of being murdered.

This Queen and her rotten state gets us killed. It is about time we were banning from Scotland both the Queen and all the convicted killers she allows in to Scotland.

Anyone who wants to discuss politics in an environment without all the nonsense you sometimes read here is welcome to register and post in the For Freedom Forums.

For example, here is this post in the For Freedom Forums


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Can Neil not just ban him? All he does is produce the same threads that end up being hate spammed.

but how can you resist?!

it sounds really harsh, but i am beyond feeling sorry for this man. :moody:

I remember years ago when he used to stand outside the cowdry hall every day with his big sign and flag. I was too young to understand him at the time.

...and struggle to understand him now

How long has this been going on for? anyone know?

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