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I'm looking for a new bass, because my current one, a cheapo thing, has broken, and i want a nice shiny new one.

I'll have a few hundred quid to spend on it, but i'm not entirely sure what i'm looking for. The sort of music i play, ramones/clash etc,(as well as the copy-cat fan in me) makes me want a P-bass. And when i've played Jazz ones, i've not really felt it was the sound I wanted.

Anyway, yeah. Bass-ically.(yup, coat got) 2-300 on a bass, for someone who wants to sound something like Dee Dee Ramone and Paul Simonon.

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If you're able to, you can get a Mexican Fender Precision for less than 400 if you shop around, should obviously be able to get one 2nd hand for less too. Better than Squier and better for selling on too.

I'd also agree with this. I was shopping for a Jazz bass last year and managed to get a deluxe Mexican model with active pickups, an upgraded bridge and a hard case on eBay for not much more than the cost of a high-end Squier. If you've got the patience you'll eventually stumble across a bargain, trust me.

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