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The Unholy Alliance Tour = Slayer/Slipknot

Fast Caz

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SLAYER/SLIPKNOT Announce UK Tour [Hot Flashes - 04.06.07 18:53:32]

According to TotalRock.com, SLAYER and SLIPKNOT are to tour the UK together later in the year. The confirmed dates, on what's being dubbed The Unholy Alliance, are as follows:


3 Glasgow, UK at SECC

5 Birmingham, UK at NIA

6 Manchester, UK at MEN Arena

8 Cardiff, UK at International Arena

9 London, UK at Hammersmith Carling Apollo


fucknig hell that is gonna be one hell of a show.

ultimate metal !!!

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AHHHH' date=' NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM LIKELY TO BE ON TOUR IN EUROPE THEN!!!1 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Likely isnae definite is it? Calm yourself young Slayer fan :)

I wonder if Slayer or Slipknot is headlining? :p

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Hey I dunno if I'd put money on Slayer headlining it to be fair :angel:

And lo and behold from the mouths of the Roadrunner peeps!

The Unholy Alliance - 08.06.2004

Come October, you will be able to catch both Slayer and Slipknot in the same night - on `The Unholy Alliance` tour.

Confirmed dates are as follows:


3 Glasgow SECC

5 Birmingham NIA

6 Manchester MEN Arena

8 Cardiff International Arena

9 Hammersmith Apollo

10 Hammersmith Apollo

There will be an opening act TBC and Slipknot will close all shows.

Tickets go on sale soon!

Harhar! Pit that in yer pipe and smoke it!

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Slayer should be headlining over Slipknot!

You may well be right but harhar! I was right! *gloatsmuggloat*

Besides when Slayer write a tune as legendary as 'Wait & Bleed' then they can headling over Slipknot :p

[Now that's sarcasm for you :laughing:]

It's a bit of a joke indeed but it's the old argument about Slipknot getting the kids into other great bands - maybe some kids would leave if Slayer were headlining but now they'll HAVE to view a masterclass in metal!! :rockon:

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Guest ForbiddenFruitcake

ooh...i quite fancy going to this!

weird..i just realised i listened to both of these bands today, i must have sensed it!

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