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  1. I thought it was one of the raddest gigs I've been to in a while. Fairly kicked my ass. Also besides the bands and stuff, it was rad to see that someone is actually putting on shiz like this for a decent cause. Deesc.
  2. Well, we've all seen the Dr. Pepper adverts. Personally, I'd like your cd to kick my ass all the way through with no breaks in the middle.
  3. I dunno I quite like this son of dork shiz. Deesc.
  4. Fuckin hell. About that valve. Shit yeah, imagine if the tank exploded!
  5. Damn straight you should book em. So do it......like Dan-O. Also if Gilman are back on the case in time y'know we'd do the local support!
  6. Bands like NOFX, Alkaline Trio and Rancid that Gilman is influenced by all played in a place with the address 924 Gilman Sreet. It was kinda like CBGBs.
  7. It's a Ten Easy Wishes shirt aswell if that's a clue.
  8. Not on myspace. He disappeared well before the myspace craze hit all of us.
  9. HOG! Stay in BoD! It's a GOOD place! And all the cool people come from there too
  10. No he's to good for the army. He's in the RAF. Oooh. SO! Does anyone remember who he is?
  11. Anyone seen him around in a while? Anyone even remember who he is?
  12. Yup yup. After that modern studies trip we went on there's a fair amount of tidy chicks at your school.
  13. Anyone know David Begg? I work with him. He's well funny. Same as Graeme Harper. His brother is a bit odd though.
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