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Len Atom

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What questions do you have for the Atom? This can be member specific ( I don't mean the girth of our love lengths, by the way), or regarding lyrics and musical ideas. Anything at all! These will be part of as new feature of the Atomweb coming soon!

You never know what you might learn or wish you'd never found out!

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MAYBE Tav has a great question....

MAYBE there was a name change somewhere in the Atom's past.....

MAYBE the answer will appear on Atomweb in the near future......

BUT we'll need some more questions!

Keeping thinking! Are there any questions that you'd like the answers from specific members of the band? Ie. their influences, playing styles, techniques. If so, now is the time to ask!

Incidentally, I have a question for Erskine, our bass player -

Why is it that you are a monster bass player in the studio (really, he's up there with 'Arry at times), but when I'm on stage with you, I fear for my life and the credibility of the Atom catalogue? Have you ventured into Mac - esque territory, where you are just too far gone on some acid - jazz trip that key, tonality and rhythm are merely obsolete in your endevour for musical fulfillment? Or is there another reason?

I'm just asking, no point being made whatsoever........

.....oh God, he's behind me again, isn't he?...

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New & imporved? it's in the biography.. and i quote

By "Len Wiltshire 2.10.01 (Updated 19.02.03) "

the prog has you!!

It is at this point that I would like to play my "I'm just a drummer" card, which gives me exemption from actually knowing what the fudge is going on around here. Man, I love being a percussionist..... :dunce:

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A little cliche but for all members (or wasn't this done before?)...

Top 3 drummers' date=' guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, bassists & bands :p[/quote']

nah good question man! though i think i'll be pushed to find 3 keyboardists i know let alone listen to enough to say their my favourite! we might also have to cut it down a bit or we're going to have to dedicate a page to it alone! 3 musicians x 6 catagories x 6 members of atom! you dont really want the answer do you?! you just want to push my web designing skills....

which makes me think, this is all going on the "New and improved" atom website.... what new and improved atom website? is there something i should be doing at the moment?! ;)

anyway keem them coming guys, nothing too trivial, im looking forward to sitting down and answering some of these!

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