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  1. I still listen to them sometimes. What Paul said is true, it's hard to go wrong with anything on either "Buiikikaesu" or "Rokkinpo Goroshi", but this is probably my favourite of their songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luOUPTvKnpA Nowhere comes close to Japan for making music that makes you want to kill yourself for enjoying. My latest favourite abortion:
  2. I have three tickets (don't remember exactly where the seats are but I remember them being decent, not shit not great) for Tim Minchin at the AECC next Tuesday. I'm unable to use them as I won't be in Aberdeen. Cost 40 each. Will sell for 25 each. Thx xxxxxxx
  3. I'll be in Aberdeen for at least another three weeks so any time during then. PM me if you are interested in making an offer reasonably soon as I already have interest from another party.
  4. I didn't even notice that there were seven strings on the guitar in the picture I used. It's the bottom one in the picture that keeno posted - a six string. The guitar is very brightly lit in that picture, though. While the guitar is indeed sparkly, the sparkles aren't as pronounced as the picture would suggest.
  5. It's the first time I've been in Aberdeen for a while and not long before I'm away again so I'd rather underprice it if it means being able to get rid of it before I bon voyage.
  6. I bought this in 2004 and it was a bit over $1100. I had it imported from the US since it was in the region of 800-900 if bought here. I never really got round to playing it and it's just sat around since then; I'd guess it's had a maximum of 30 hours use. There are a couple of tiny scuffs on the side from it being moved around but aside from that it's in perfect condition. I know I'll never use it again so I might as well try and make some buck. If you want it just suggest a price. I'd be hoping for at least 200 so an offer of that would bring instant success. Maybe I'm hoping for too much, though. I've no idea what five year old, second hand guitars are worth, even if they've basically not been used. P.S. The photo used was not taken by me. Although I of course keep a bamboo arrangement for enhancing all guitar photos I take, my bamboo arrangement is not as well kept as the bamboo arrangement in the outsourced photo used and I felt like I just couldn't compete with such a bamboo arrangement.
  7. Oh Dan. Flip-flopping your views every five years - just like clockwork. You sponge! http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/music-discussion/10071-avenged-sevenfold.html
  8. I don't know when, but The Belmont are definitely showing it at some point.
  9. It is important to spend time fretting over issues such as personal insults on an internet forum. I am frequently brought to tears simply thinking about thinking about it.
  10. I'm immensely glad that you're proud; we couldn't have done it without you.
  11. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a while.
  12. YouTube - Jizz In My Pants
  13. I'm definitely more emotional about the disbanding of Black Atom than I have been about any other band, past - and most likely - future. While I have no way to do the maths, I would not be surprised if I have been to more Black Atom gigs than I have non Black Atom gigs, which is kinda fucking crazy. Around the time that Out of Exile was released, I went a good 18-24 months without missing a single gig, and at that point, there were a lot of gigs. Not once have I ever walked away from an Atom show feeling disappointed. The likes of the Out of Exile launch at Kef rank among the best gigs I have ever been to, and I have seen plenty of bands that are known for their incredible live shows. I still listen to The Tie That Binds and Out of Exile (Like Disco - not so much..) fairly frequently (OK - very frequently since I heard the news), and while the production on them is not as clean as most 'major' releases, there is nothing else that separates either from the work I own and love by bigger, world-renowned bands. The Tie That Binds is PACKED with parts in each song that grab you and make you think fuck yeah. I was going to list examples of such parts, however when I started taking notes while listening to each song, I more or less ended up writing down details of every part. It is an album for you all to be very, very proud of. Music has always been very important to me, and Black Atom has been very important to me. I'd like to thank each one of you for what you have given over the years. It really has meant a lot. Keep your balls deep, gentlemen. It's been a privilege.
  14. I saw It's A Wonderful Life on Monday at Cineworld. I'm really glad that I went; classic movies on the big screen are great. Later that night, I came home and watched Road House.
  15. The gig was pant-wettingly good. I wet my pants. It was also the first gig I've been to at The Classic Grand, which is now my favourite venue in Glasgow.
  16. I'm hoping to see Len front stage playing the intro to Chasing Ghosts one last time next Sunday!
  17. I bought tickets for this from ticketweb on the 25th which have yet to arrive. Has anyone done the same, and if so, have you received them?
  18. Well God damn, it's a good album. I expected it to be total shit, considering how long it's been in the making and how many fingers have been in the pie, but I'm sold.
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