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New Slipknot


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I think All Hope Is Gone is fantastic- uncompromisingly heavy, powerful and just really bloody nuts.

Psychosocial on the other hand is a mixed bag- I actually quite like the chorus, and the solo/breakdownesque section is pretty swish, but overall it's nothing special. Oh, and the "PSYCHOSOCIAL" bit following the chorus just sounds really cheesy I find.

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I didn't expect Corey to be having a sing-song in the chorus, but can you expect now he's trying to get Stone Sour to sound like Sugar Ray?

I've never liked them, but I always found them entertaining. But this just sounds so straight forward and chuggy - It's not embarassingly funny anymore like My Plague or Liberate was.

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listening to the new album just now... a bit dissapointed, TBH. It starts well; 'Gematria' is brill - probably the best riff on the album, 'Psychosocial' is OK and the title track is pretty good, but the rest is pretty dull plodding sludge.

So the first impression's not a good one. It's getting 3 out of 5 on first listen.

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