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The Tunnels


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I don't think anyone would ever claim the Tunnels is perfect, but in the absence of a truly great Aberdeen venue we should be thankful that it exists. They've put on some fantastic acts, and they will continue to do so in future, judging by the sheer variety and quality of acts they have lined up. I've been there a few times in the last couple of weeks and have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the sound. Given the environment and the shape of the rooms, it's never going to be ideal, but they're doing a sterling job with the resources they have.

And yes, I've been to more "good live music venues" than you can shake a stick at, and while the venue as it stands is never going to reach the upper echelons, the people who run it and work there are absolute diamonds who really care about what they're doing and do their best to ensure that Aberdeen still has a music scene worth talking about.

good points but i dont think i'll ever be a fan

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wtf? why is everyone up the tunnels ass? the tunnels fucking sucks and sounds shite. it lacks any sort of vibe or soul........ :down::down::down::down::down::down::down:

seriously............have any of you's actually been to a good live music venue before ???????????? ?(

Compared to Glasgow venus it's maybe not the best in the world but it's probably my favourite one in Aberdeen. There is a quality mix of music.

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Just played in the Tunnels tonight. What a lovely venue, and fantastic sound! It's the first time I've visited / played in Aberdeen and had a great time... oh, and this is my first post on Aberdeen-music.com, so hello!

Tom Kerswill


Got to add, the tunnels does a lot for the local music scene on a lot of different levels, anytime i've played there the sound has been pretty damn good. When ive been on the other side of the stage i'd also say i'd seen some quality acts i might never have seen if it wasn't for a venue like the tunnels.

btw Tom, i cought your act and would gladly chalk that up as another one of the quality acts to which i refer.

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I think the Tunnels is quality. They do a lot of good work for the Aberdeen music 'scene' in general and also put on great touring and out-of-town bands. I agree the layout isn't great, but the atmosphere can be brilliant there - the Jonah Matranga gigs over the past couple of years particularly spring to mind.

As far as gigging there goes, they give you a chance to get started off and I find them very willing to accomodate DIY gigs. The stage in Tunnels 2 is pretty cramped, but I've always been happy with the onstage sound in both rooms. Infact, it's probably the best onstage sound I've experienced in Aberdeen, possibly with the exceptions of Lemon Tree and Moshulu.

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