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    for the record, i always thought fish and marillion were crap. the kayleigh single was a load of pop rock bollocks... there, i've said it i will get on with my life. good link though bigsby, many thanks.
  2. i believe i may well have one secluded somewhere, been a while since i saw it though... i'll get back to you soon one way or other.
  3. with the sheep, and goats, and stuff
  4. sorry to go off topic, but you missed divorcees (female). the daily mail (aka der sturmer) is well known for being the tabloid that has a target audience of middle aged ladies, yet strangely most of its content is designed to deride them as a group and threaten them with the insecurity of imminently straying husbands partners etc...
  5. dogs d'amour played the venue in the 80's didnt they... if its' the gig im thinking of it was a cracker of a night...
  6. i have found this thread to be riveting... iv'e tried a lot of different stuff, but settled for Gibson Les Pauls (10's) on my Gibbos (although the consistency of Les Pauls (the strings) has varied a lot) Ernie Ball 10's on my strats and D'addarios 9's on my Parkers.... i have no idea what is on my lap steel 'cos i have never broken a string on it in over 1.5 years...
  7. i'm sure they are fine guitars but aesthetically...? i dont feel so good...
  8. simply put, better than being dead...
  9. well youve read it once, bet it wont be the last, however in your defence to me most marshalls (except the some of the hand wired stuff) are fizzy... perhaps this is an issue of subjectivity... where does a marshall stand in your fizzy scale? of all the distortion/ overdrive pedals i own/use i can positively say that any rat i have ever used has been perceived by me as the least meatiest, most fizziest distortion pedal i have used.... on the other hand a little bit of time spent with an arm full of pedals, a function generator and an audio spectrum analyser would probably help put this to bed, but i really couldn't be arsed... yeah, thanks for that. somebody else quoted zappa on the boards a while back: writing about tone is like dancing about architecture.
  10. are you kidding? or have you got an out of spec rat? the rat, i've owned two through the years, is the thinnest fizziest sounding distortion i've ever used. don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that, its good for a jeff beck cutting blues tone.. i'm guessing your perception is based on the rest of the rig, which solid state amp do you use? what kind of guitar? dont want to state the obvious, but when comparing distortions i set the amp to clean with flat eq and start from there. yep the mud honey is pretty damn good. i use it in the rhythm part of my rig, but it is pretty decent at lead stuff as well. cut the gain and it can make a decent od pedal. the mudhoney is supposed to be T-Rex's answer to the tubescreamer (i think i read that on their site once) but with more gain... the tone control on the mudhoney also has a lot of authority and high frequency boost...
  11. sorry folks, i wouldn't touch a chinese made valve amp with a very long shitey stick. i fully accept soundians comments regarding components and go one further, if the labour is cheap the cheap component issue could be insignificant. however in saying all of that i spent 1400 quid on a boogie that died within a month of owning it. within a week it was repaired under warrantee and been just fine since. i'd second the save your money, try out as many good valve amps, in stores, mates etc as you can be bothered with and then buy quality. it might seem pretty unreasonable to tar an entire nations amp production based on numerous poor examples; there must be some half decent amp companies emerging from china, but i have seen so many shoddy examples (3 seperate amps with 1. no output, 2. tone controls that do fuck all, 3. volume controls that only work when the presence is between 30 and 70%) it is difficult not to draw these conclusions. anyways pays your money takes your chance.
  12. peter dow makes more sense...
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