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  1. good points but i dont think i'll ever be a fan
  2. wtf? why is everyone up the tunnels ass? the tunnels fucking sucks and sounds shite. it lacks any sort of vibe or soul........ :down::down::down: seriously............have any of you's actually been to a good live music venue before ???????????? ?(
  3. Yea Energy Promotions do have some good acts coming to aberdeen TBA in my opinion i would never ever ever want to see the likes of erol alkan or scratch perverts, pendulum etc in such a commercialised venue surrounded by wankers in university rugby club uniforms or bitches that think theyre in the o.c......i would much rather be in a small capacity underground venue with good vibez, where everyone is there for one reason....love of the music. if only liquid was taken over and reopened as fabric 2 ! yus!
  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-men brotha!!!!! may aswell take their shite dj's aswell.....altho bless them they do try lol NOT.
  5. I agree This thread is even WORSE than reading a book- fiction or non-fiction!
  6. the supports were well better
  7. . this is fucking pish, the lemon tree was awsome! sssssssso many legends have played / performed there. ohhhhhh those days of radioskool - best of my life. fact. But by the looks of the efforts been made by supporters and staff hopefully this will only be a temporary close down.
  8. yo, first off dont be a 'choose a record n press play' DJ (if you can call them dj's) they are in my opinion pish and ruin what a dj is really about, dj's should be creative and almost sort of interesting to listen to, with the types of music your speakin about mixing might be a bit hard to do but do-able with practice, pretty much just practice and enoy it, if youve got any mates who play go chill with them n get some tips n techniques. one last thing when your DJing make shure you keep your levels consistent. peace
  9. 17# all females should be smell tested by seagulls- no fish aloud
  10. you can't beat jungle nation!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. funny enough me and my mate wer talikn bout this earlier today, n also when he was away to have a go a crazy titch them wiley seperates them:down:
  12. yo, i heard that the rascal himself might be doin a gig later this year ( altho not confirmed) around oct/nov sort of time at the lemon T! anyone heard anything about this?? cheers.
  13. 'wannabe roadie' up for doing any sort of roadie work to get some experience. Im: 18 Male from Aberdeen, Bedroom (for just now!!) DJ, into all music, always up for banter! fucking hard worker, got experience of assisting film crews (yea its not a band but you get the point!) can survive on less than 3 hours sleep per/day!! and reallyyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyyyy enthusiastic Don't really care about earning money just gainning experience SO- If your band or anypeople you know are looking for a roadie------ no point going on and on im sure you get the point! give me a shout @ breakzrus@hotmail.com or phone 07852913259 for more info about me till then cheers Aaron
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