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  1. And Ba has been shit ever since I chose him
  2. It's quite annoying when you look at teams above you that are shit! I did horrendous this week! I'm apprehensive about Ba, I have been all season about adding him. Queue me adding him this week and him being shite
  3. Heap of fucking neds in Aberdeen btw. Least one of you could have done is passed me a toke of that skanky as fuck weed going about
  4. Don't think there's a thread. Absolutely superb again, legend. Don't look back in anger and supersonic
  5. Knocked off the top...I have a sketchy defence and too much faith in Aguero and Sturridge. Sturridge was in the form of his life until AVB started subbing/dropping him. Tempted to just have RVP and Ba up top and whore my midfield out with a heap of big hitters. Need to get Sessegnon in too. EDIT - Sessegnon in for Van Der Vaart. I now fully expect Sessegnon to go back to being shite and Van Der Vaart to overcome his fitness issues and become a world beater again
  6. top and still have RVP as captain still to play....cash prize anyone?
  7. Think I'm top now, though there's still more games to play.
  8. Joined. I will be honest, I'm known to be totally awesome. Cash prize anyone? Ps - 5 of my players are already out (Skrtel, Van Der Vaart, Sturridge, Van Persie and Suarez)...better start again Oh and does anyone know if the first week cheat still works? (Set your captain to a player who won't feature with the second captain set to form so your best performing player gets the double points?)
  9. Missed this but considering it's really not Sham 69 at all anymore I'm not overly bothered
  10. I believe there's yet to be a single recorded fatality purely down to mephedrone, there's always another chemical playing a part.I loved the stuff but I wish ecstasy/mdma would make a return in aberdeen. With decent mdma you have a great time and don't have the same desire to fiend. With meph, you can literally hoover 10 grams in a weekend and still feel like you never got to where you want to be. That said, I liked the lack of a suicidal style comedown from meph, which is something heavy md use brings. slight technicality but mcat is not mephedrone, methcathinone (mcat)and methlymethcathinone (mmcat/mephedrone) are different drugs I'm not sure what the fuck banning meph has achieved. I've used it for over 2 years and until the press went on about it fuck all people knew what it was. Now its more expensive, cut with god knows what and probably the most popular stim now in the uk. There's also much more harmful and unknown research chemicals coming out like nrg 1, 2 + 3 and eric-1, 2 + 3 which are horrible/
  11. Thought that was really good A few random points, there was stunning jail bait EVERYWHERE , Travis Barker is AS GOOD as musician as I've EVER seen live and why were so many blokes going around shirtless? I also saw someone collapse outside the gig, think they got run over. Traffics ridiculous out there
  12. Got 2. It's amazing how many people are getting up early tomorrow when a little digging could find a presale link...
  13. I actually quite liked their demos years ago before the pish studio stuff
  14. Few of my favourite punk tunes: YouTube - Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "Chinese Rocks" YouTube - The Clash - Tommy Gun YouTube - Black Flag - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme YouTube - The Ramones - I wanna be sedated
  15. Can you sign up for email updates for jungle nation? I always seem to miss it when there's someone decent
  16. haha, keep it coming . In fairness this place isn't short of people prepared to speak their mind...
  17. Weird...I just went into the Pogues forum and Phil Chevron is randomly chatting to everyone. Didn't expect that /Pogues fanboy
  18. Debussy: The Complete Works For Piano Skream - Watch the Ride
  19. haha, I like your style. You will fit in here perfectly.
  20. shit i missed this I haven't been to a jungle nation since Noisia. You should try and get Dj Hazard or Shy FX, that would be epic!
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