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who thinks their valvestate/tube fusion sounds good?

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Originally posted by Monk Rocker:

Valvestate sounds like a dying wasp.

I think you're wrong there Andy...

Valvestates sound like an extremely pissed off wasp. With a megaphone.

A dying wasp would at least be a little quieter and would eventually stop making a noise.


i have a valve amp, and I love it.

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Originally posted by Mouse:

I have the same amp as Leckie, Advanced Valvestate and it kicks ass. If valve amps do sound better (yes i know) then I'm ready to be amazed because I love the sound on my amp

See this was the point of my thread. I want to find out who thinks they rule. Personally I think they are average and prefer bigger amps, but I remember the dasy when I would have been amazed by them...

Actually, I'm starting to think my thread had little point.


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my flatmate has an AVT100. i've been using it lately since my head is still broken(i'm too poor to afford to fix it just now). I used to play with the EQ every night and i thought it sounded ok. but then, curiosity got the better of me. I unplugged the speaker from the amp, and plugged in my Marshall 1922 2x12"(with better quality Celestions) and man.... what a fuckin difference!

Its like a whole new amp now. i can get loads of sounds from it. its awesome.

if you get the chance, try it :)

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