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this is a DiZZY SToRM / perfucked joint promotion :)


ENABLERS. Those cunning, compulsive and malevolent compatriots we eagerly allow to drag us along to our willful destruction. Those little demons that flutter in our ears encouraging us to do what we know best not to do.

Fitting to its name, the San Francisco quartet Enablers writes songs that are equally manipulative and encouraging to our darkest desires. The band made up of journeyman veterans of Swans, Tarnation, Nice Strong Arm and Toiling Midgets merges dramatic and flowing melodic soundscapes of which SF Gate calls "possibly the world's best power trio" with the visceral spoken narratives of underground literaryveteran Pete Simonelli. It's almost as though the band's fluid and often soothing music exists to distract our better instincts while Simonelli whispers above it all, urging and lulling us into the dark, decrepit world of his words.

Guitarist and recording engineer Joe Goldring has collaborated with Swans, Toiling Midgets, and Doug Scharin of June of 44 under the moniker Out in Worship, as well as with Neurosis Steve Von Tills solo projects.

Guitarist/bassist Kevin Thomson, veteran of Timco and Nice Strong Arm, has been playing and touring for twenty years and with his own projects and has been a writing partner with Goldring for ten of those years collaborating on Morning Champ, Touched by a Janitor, and now Enablers.

Drummer Yuma Joe Byrnes has lent his unique take on the trapset to Tarnation, Broken Horse and others.

Pete Simonelli has been continually writing and publishing his efforts in underground literary journals for years and now brings his poems to the table for Enablers.

Output Negative Space picks up where Enablers' previous Neurot Recordings album End Note left off, adding more soaring melody to the sometimes parched and brittle, sometimes coiling and steeped in tension. It's musically reminiscent of the dynamics of Slint and the raw neo-beat intellect of Saccharine Trust. And, above it all, Enablers

make music that exists in a realm beyond the typical sing-song gestures of traditional tunes. It's something altogether as powerful and motivating as our own psyche.

check them out further at the following links....

MySpace.com - enablers - SAN FRANCISCO, California - 2-step - www.myspace.com/enablers


everyone i know who has seen this band/put them on, has been blown away by them...become infatuated...become their new favourite band...so we cant wait to host them here!




suppports still to be 100% confirmed

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enablers supports

supports confirmed...

VACUNAUT - from glasgow...new 3 piece synth/heavy rock from outer space.. featuring one ex-Macrocosmican Gordon....Equal elements of Hawkwind, Sabbath and Can...

"Cosmic rockers land on earth in search of the mighty riff. Heavy, trippy proto-metal that lies somewhere between classic Sabbath and early Hawkwind"

BLACK CHANNELS - ex Allergo/current Mesa Verde member(s) new project

MySpace.com - Black Channels - Glasgow/Perth, UK - Other / Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/blackchannelsboat

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an early review of End Note from Time Out, New York...


End Note


From Jim Morrison to Henry Rollins, overblown egos have frequently blemished the history of spoken-word rock. Far too often, the subgenre is characterized by some literary aspirant thoughtlessly eclipsing a trickle of forgettable background music. Thus it's quite a feat that San Francisco's Enablers have turned their poetry-topped instrumental workouts into life-affirming displays of beauty and fury.

Vocalist Pete Simonelli is a gritty, observant narrator rather than a verbose, exaggerated frontman. His clear enunciation, dry diction and controlled passion lend impact and credibility to smart, hard-boiled phrases that range from explicit ("You motherfuckers are goin' to jail") to exquisite ("The ice in her drink melts quicker than everyone else's"). Fortunately, he also knows when to shut up and bow to the tightrope-walking guitars of Joe Goldring (Swans, Toiling Midgets, Touched by a Janitor) and Kevin Thomson (Timco, Nice Strong Arm, Touched by a Janitor); their moody, intertwined meanderings unexpectedly erupt into wrenching, righteous convulsions that spew fire, mud and debris in all directions. Drummer Yuma Joe Byrnes (Tarnation, Broken Horse) exhibits similar finesse, effortlessly easing out of burly fits and into restrained patter, grazed by rim shots and fluttering, elongated rolls.

Recorded live in the studio, End Note equally stresses the importance of both Simonelli's texts and the band's expressive investigations of tension and release. Enablers' first-rate debut doesn't just raise the bar for verse-infused postpunkit deftly rewrites the book.Jordan N. Mamone

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Looking forward to seeing black channels more than enablers.

Allergos demo still gets a spin every now and then and from what av heard they are pretty special

i havn't been to outrageous amounts of gigs, but i've never walked away from a performance with nothing to say. I didn't have anything to say after them, was ace.

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Guest idol_wild
God here's him again with his good taste in music :up:

I wish I could be there!

I'm actually not a massive fan of Enablers. But I'm happy to attend to be an extra person in the crowd and show my support.

I think I'll review it for is the music? too.

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