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The Orange Box.


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quite fancy it for portal and team fortress but i'll probably wait till next year and pick it up second hand cause i've already got half life 2 on the pc and i'm saving my pennies for mass effect and pro evo.

Just buy it now, and by the time you download it from Steam - a year will have elapsed :swearing:

I'm currently at a whopping 6% after nearly an hour.

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for steam downloaders (or anyone who regularly downloads large files NOT via torrent networks) try free download manager : Free Download Manager | Download

it splits it up inot 20 pieces or so and downloads them all at once, speeding up your downloads. its 100% legal too.

not sure if it will work with steam mind, worth a shot though. i get DL's up to 725kn/s with it

that about an 15 minutes per 700 mb

got the box, finished portal, half way through HL ep2.

portal is the shit, "the cake is a lie" and all that jazz.

its crazy playing portal thens eeing 'aperture science' equipment throughout HL2 ep2.

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The Escapist : Zero Punctuation: The Orange Box

Gotta love Yahtzee. The man is a genius.

Aye, spot on review - if you can keep up!

I'm impressed that he managed to stretch Epi 2 out to 6 hours. I completed it in 4...and that's NOT a boast by the way, it's an indictment of how short the game is.

Shame, coz Half-Life 2 as a rule has been excellent.

My own personal jury is still out on Portal though.

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got this a couple of days ago, still playin through HL2 , completed it on PC before but im enjoyin playin it again, must be a damn good game if its still good after bein released originally years ago. Portal and Team Fortress are also cool, would of probably prefered it if TF2 was less cartoony and more like the original TF mod for quake but its still fun. Portal is funnier than youd expect as well.:up:

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Team Fortress 2 is awesome fun. Played Portal for about 5 mins, then went straight onto Episode 2.

All in all, a worthy investment.

That post didn't do the Orange Box justice.

Portal - Fucking brilliant. I love this game. It is the perfect length, the laws behind the physics of the portals makes a lot of sense, and you have to give credit to Valve, because this game must have been damn hard to program. Don't expect a fps though (although that is fairly obvious, you'd be surprised)

Half Life 2 Episode Two - Such an improvement over Episode One. A lot more action, the environments are fantastically detailed, the Hunters are damn tough and the final battle is insane. However, I am disappointed at two things - the length (Even with exploring every part of every map, I had only clocked up 3.4 hours of play) and the lack of any new weapons apart from the strider buster. Perhaps it would imbalance gameplay or something?

Team Fortress 2 - One of the most balanced multiplayer I have played in a long time. I have yet to properly check out this game though.

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