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  1. That was wonderful! Looking forward to the new series, if only to see what Moffat will bring to it.
  2. I shall learn how clocks work and change my beard styling.
  3. I was really looking forward to the announcement of Wolverine on Ice: The Musical. Then everyone had to be all sensible and point out all the reasons why the takeover probably wouldn't affect Marvel in any big way
  4. It is a really good game and it's well worth playing, but if you can handle waiting until a price drop, do so
  5. I'm not very good with scary films - The Orphanage keeps getting mentioned, but I found it more mysterious than scary. Rec is a good choice though. Eden Lake hasn't been mentioned yet? I found it exceptionally disturbing, rather than outright scary, but it did the job.
  6. Just saw it. It made me feel all tingly inside.
  7. I'm trying to read "Fateful Choices" by Ian Kershaw, who I love because of his Hitler biographies, but I just can't get into this one. In the meantime, I'm on book 3, part one of "A Song of Ice and Fire," which was rather randomly lent to me by an off-license worker. I am now addicted to the series.
  8. I got Alliance by Jonathan Fenby, which is all about Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt in all their merry meetings together. Bar Antony Beevor's stuff, it's so far been one of the few non-fiction books that has genuinely gripped me. Other than that, I have the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection being sent to me this next week. Joy!
  9. I loved the cartoon and its style, and I don't mind CGI in films (Pixar, dammit), but I don't really care for this. The cartoons didn't really seem to be taking themselves too seriously, which I always thought was the best fun of Star Wars. This does, however.
  10. I saw this the other day. First time I've ever laughed at Garfield
  11. True, still had the presence of mind to pick up the camera and continue filming though. Yeah, I was a bit surprised with that scene. Really didn't expect to see the monster in such detail beyond the out-of-focus shots we got for the rest of the film.
  12. I loved it. Probably more than I expected, and particularly due to the fact that the film never really explained anything, because why the devil should any of the characters have that sort of information? Suffered a tiny bit from stupid-character syndrome, which seems to bug me more nowadays than it used to, particularly: I almost laughed at that' date=' wondering how it managed to sneak up on them. Star Trek trailer made me squee a bit as well :O
  13. My favourite game of 2006, got a bit weird towards the end, but a definite recommendation to anyone. Portal for 2007, I would have paid the full 30 just for it alone. The Half-Life episodes and TF2 was just the icing on the cake, lie or not
  14. That's just a fictional story about a massive zombie war, right? I may have to get it
  15. Just got that today, looking forward to it. Just finishing Stephen Ambrose' D-Day, which is far too focused on the American landings. He's still very complimentary to the Brits, but not enough to consider this as a good book for an overall view of the landings, and I think just one chapter is devoted to the Canadian beach! Currently reading Max Brooks The Zombie Survival Guide. Using it as reference material, and it turns out it's a fantastic read
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