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MY MINDS WEAPON album news and new song!

Dan G

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Hello everyone,

We are delighted to announce that we have just signed to reading-based Basick records, home to such bands as Fell Silent and The Abner.

We recently recorded our debut album, "The Carrion Sky" which will have 9 tracks and be available later this year through HMV, amazon.com etc! We produced and engineered the album ourselves, and it was mixed and mastered by Dan Weller and Justin Hill of SikTh fame.

We currently have our new download-only single, "The Killing Horizon" available at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr, it only costs 79p so would be great if all you lovely people could indulge... :).

Failing that, it is available for streaming at our myspace site (www.myspace.com/mymindsweapon) for the next two weeks only, whilst we're on tour across the UK.

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dunno if it really merited 5 bulletins in 1 hour yesterday though


Half the people on myspace post 5 bulletins an hour a few times a day, EVERY day, saying shit like "Just bought the OC", "'I'm bored", "I'm off to bed now", "my mum won't let me go to the MCR gig :("

I don't know why you think that is worth mentioning on this site, other than to have a minor dig.

Cheers Chris! The last deal we had fell through as Highcroft records no longer exists due to personal reasons of Rob's. Unfortunate for him, but we have done all right for ourselves as Basick are a wicked label!

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so you reckon posting out five bulletins in an hour is fine?

hardly a dig as such

As a one off occasion when you've just achieved some of the proudest things in your life after working on it for the last however long...then, yes.

You don't have to read them, and if it angers you that much then you probably should complain via myspace, delete us friends list or do something else that is equally gay as this conversion.

Like edgar graham says, there are far more things worth caring or not caring about.

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I really like the new song. The production is great and the riffs are mighty. Everything sounds like it should and the mix is spot on. Great work.

Flood Of Red have also added a new Demo (Linda) to their myspace if anyone is interested. Yet again the production is great and the actual song itself is leagues above any of their previous output. They do seem to have traded off sounding like Underoath in favour of sounding like Silverstein though. You can check it out on their myspace:


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I think its a great new track. Sounds like Decapitated at a few points. Great production, great recording, great mix, great tones, looking forward to the album. My only criticism is the fact that it is quite a repetitive song, but fuck it, great track overall.


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