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Future of the Left

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Guest bluesxman

I'll be checking them out due to the Mclusky connection. You can get Jarcrew CD's cheap as chips on Amazon, i.e. less than a fiver including postage, I got their debut album 'Breakdance Euphoria Kids' out of interest, pretty good. More eclectic than Mclusky, branches of into a few different genres

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i heard some new record by a couple of mclusky guys on sunday night. it was pretty much mclusky, so i loved it.

dunno if it's the same band though - i thought the dude that was playing it said it was a one word band name... i tried to remember it, but i've forgotten...

second last tune was a belter, then a piano thing as the last song i think?

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They played with copy haho, on last tour, and they sucked like fuck, i hated them.

Oh, that'd be unfortunate as their album is perhaps my favourite rock album of the year. I actually prefer it to McLusky, who I loved, so I'm very biased... playing at the Barfly early next month, I'm looking forward to it muchly. Very muchly.

PS Half-assed McLusky could be bad as it's quite dependent on a sardonic vicious intent, so I imagine soundchecks (never the best time to catch a band in their element) are perhaps not the ideal time to catch them, as they'd be going through the motions.

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