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The Gun Club is Back! - Moshulu - 18th Spet


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I would like to add that despite me being 50% of The Gun Club DJ's and the booker of the majority of the headline acts in the original Gun Clubs, I have no involvement in this event, or indeed any knowledge of it until today.

I was very proud of our night and this new night has left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth at the moment.

I look forward to hearing from the organisers of this event asap.

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Call me Mr. Cynical but note it's on first night of Fresher's week - quick buck from people who don't know better yet?

Even stupid Freshers are going to know better than to pay £6 on a week when clubs will be throwing stuff at them for free, though. Even if they pay up, Moshulu gig prices for drink will surely leave a bad taste in their mouth.

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Oh my, such a respone, where to start...

Monday shmunday, if the bands are good enough that's what you're paying for. We'll hopefully be moving to weekends after the first couple anyway.

Yup £6 for 3 bands. Is £2 per band really too much? It's £4 for students.

Stooge, good to see you today. Again, didin't you know you were back in the country but sorry if you're annoyed about it starting up without you. Mr. Lyon's been putting the bands together again so far. If you want to be invlovled again give me a bell.

For all you cynics out there, just love the music and hopfeully The Gun Club will be better than ever.

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the gun club used to rock so much, god knows why they got rid of it before.

all the best to its new beginnings!

dont remember it being 6 before but then some bands have higher fees than others hence the higher door fee.e.g when we had the rumblestrips at Dirty Hearts Club the price went from its usual 3 to 5.50 on the door. However, we made tickets available online beforehand at 4 so that people could still get in without paying too much.Maybe the gun club could work that way?

People dont mind paying if the music is good methinks, i just payed 35 to see radiohead!but then again it was pretty amazing!

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jesus christ - here we go again......

the people of aberdeen moaning (again) due to the price of something.

Well....I think 6 to see 4 bands (and even 3) is great. Plus, I assume it includes the club afterwards.

The bands that are on are amazing. We are the Physics especially put on a great show.

6 is resonable when you take in the cost of venue hire and putting on the bands. You guys should stop complaining and look forward to a great night and if the price REALLY upsets you, go make up your own night and see what price you can do it for.

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