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  1. jesus christ - here we go again...... the people of aberdeen moaning (again) due to the price of something. Well....I think 6 to see 4 bands (and even 3) is great. Plus, I assume it includes the club afterwards. The bands that are on are amazing. We are the Physics especially put on a great show. 6 is resonable when you take in the cost of venue hire and putting on the bands. You guys should stop complaining and look forward to a great night and if the price REALLY upsets you, go make up your own night and see what price you can do it for.
  2. I went to see (from what i can remember) The Guillemots, Cut Copy, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Men Women and Children, Jenny Lewis, Milburn, the Automatic, the View (not my choice)... There were more but I can't remember. I drank way too much and met lots and lots of cool people and danced the night away.
  3. Amazing....just amazing.....Will Haven are great. Grady is indeed tending to his sick wife. And I also hear that Karl Middleton is doing tonight (I wonder who told you that Jim?!! ) The show last night ended with (Sheep?) from Seventh Cross with a broken finger and Simon from Biffy with a broken rib.... What a night.
  4. cool - keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not working nights then.
  5. aww...I want to go I hate this work stuff... I saw them in Glasgow - great gig and thats where I first started speaking to Ross....aww..how romantic....
  6. duels are fantastic. can't wait and its my birthday that day
  7. i just can't get over the time rise against are on at. they are way better than all the rest of the pish on after. jeez....i'd oly drive down if i could see rise against. bah
  8. some knob key-ed my car last month...and the month before some other knob bashed it and drove off. can't bloody wait to move back to glasgow....at least my car is safe there!
  9. errr.....did you not read Ross' post.... I've put it in bold to make sure you can read it..... And,in addition, Ross works very hard. He comes home late every night and works early. All to make sure people in Aberdeen get the chance to see some decent bands.
  10. Battle were amazing at TITP. Can't wait to see them again - especially in such a great venue
  11. i had a great time - saw lots of bands I've never seen before. Saturday I went to see - half of Jimmy Eat World (crowd were rubbISH, some of the Futureheads , Suzanne Vaga (brilliant voice), Allergo (great performace, really tight, fantastic). half of the Magic Numbers (sounded amazing, great crowd and they looked like they loved it) Battle (amazing, band of the day for me - can't wait to see them in August at Moshulu), Envelopes (were alright - can't remeber too much about them though) Sunday I went to see Bloc Party (sound was awful and they looked rather lost on stage which was a shame), The Subways (only saw the last song but they sounded utterly amazing, really wish I'd seen the whole set) Your Code Name is Milo - good stuff The Dears - great sound. The Go! Team - amazing front woman, amazing crowd reaction, fantastic sound, utterly brilliant music, really enjoyed them - band of the day for me Art Brut - great band but couldn't hear half of the vocals. Much better than i was expecting. Duels - heard great things about them and they lived up to their reputation, great band. All in all, a great weekend but now I feel I have to buy loads of CDs.....oh well.... Edit - yeah I agree that the layout was pretty bad...but Ross and I spent most of out time near the Xtent and The Futures Tent so it wasn't too bad for us. I also agree about the Hospitality area - thank god for the flushing clean toilets and the small queues for food and drink and having somewhere clean you could sit without lots of empty bottles.
  12. I'm shocked and disgsusted at you Ross..... honestly! Although having said that I'm guessing its something to do with testicular cancer (no speakers on this computer) - therefore i guess its not so bad.
  13. Believe me.....he will NOT forget about the tee-shirts whilst I live here!!! Bloody tee-shirts are taken over the flat!
  14. I got really pissed off at people talking during Rise Against so I yelled at them. They shut up and then ran away!
  15. I'm starting work in August, have a wedding that I'm bridesmaid for, my older brother and his wife are expecting their first baby and I'm graduating. I have just been on holiday to Spain, stayed in a 5 star hotel near Edinburgh for my graduation ball, moved in with my boyfriend and been to Glasgow and Inverness a few times..... Sounds really busy but I'm still SO bored......theres only so many times you can clean a flat!!!
  16. thats the man - he's my old psychiatry tutor. Nice guy. Very into music! He told me to go to see marissa nadler but i couldn't for family reasons....man, would have been nice to say hello!
  17. I can't cook at all.....and I'm crap at ironing.... However, my boyfriend is a fantastic cook so he does all the cooking.... And I'm going to work instead
  18. woohoo.... please let them play a gig....please...please.....and please let me get a ticket!
  19. as far as i know the venue IS confirmed.... hopefully will be a good gig!
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