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  1. so who`s actually playing this? coz im going to the Edinburgh date unless the upstarts are playing
  2. sweet. thats worth a trip up. its a pity capdown are playing, hope King Blues are on before em
  3. thanks so much to all who came and stuck around, i had such a fun time. the cut ups were outstanding and really appreciated all the support. cheers to those who got cd`s and watched em. great night p.s. - sorry if anyone was wanting to see crazyarm, they flaked out last minute :s
  4. only scottish date is on saturday 16th Dec at the exchange in Edinburgh. it`s about a 450 capacity so be quick coz tickets have been onsale for 2 weeks now! you can get em at - http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_scotland&query=detail&event=178851
  5. tunnels seems better value on the 18th, 3 quid for 5 bands!
  6. The Cut Ups! - Crazy Arm - Your Own Disaster - Calrissian + 15 Mins:18th Sept@Tunnels woah! A combination of Camie, Greg Chaos + Me Presents........ The Cut Ups! brilliant melodic punk rock from Exeter. its hard not to imagine The Bouncing Souls and Lawrence Arms when listening to them. featuring Jon from the awesome Annalise. I cannot recommend them enough, heres a few snippets from Rocksound - "Imagine pop-punk if it was stripped of all the bullshit, posturing and pretence. You're probably imagining something akin to Exeter's The Cut Ups. Simple, honest and engaging, they're an all too rare example of melodic punk rock played from the heart. With an approach to politics that's more Billy Bragg than Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman Jon explains the ideas expressed in each song without ever resorting to empty sloganeering. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening." "Pure punk from the DIY scene in Exeter, The Cut Ups capture the punk rock ethos with unstoppable energy. Combining inspirational drumming with powerful guitars and socially aware lyrics, this band will have a positive impact on your senses if you only give them the chance. Do it." www.myspace.com/thecutupsfromexeter Crazy Arm Touring with The Cut Ups, featuring ex members of No Comply and The Once Over Twice. coming across like a bastard punk rock country child of Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. pretty guid like! www.myspace.com/crazyarm supports from Your Own Disaster Calrissian 15 Minutes all at - THE TUNNELS on Monday 18th Sept for 3!! please some! sing dance and be happy
  7. i was in Dublin for Pearl Jam last week, it was fuckin immense. so many highlights. a truly special band
  8. aye, thats the way it should be at every punk rock show. there is no reason why it cant happen all the time in every city for every band. its up to us! MAJOR props to the upstarts for having so much energy just after touring, brilliant to see
  9. Deeker forgot about this till i spoke to him the other day, haha. as long as he`s not too pished, his solo stuff is ace
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